Special Exclusive Report: Raj and Pablo in conversation with heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor

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Presenters extraordinaire Raj and Pablo treated a super excited audience to an electrifying live interview with Ranbir Kapoor for a special In Conversation for BBC Asian Network. The duo made Ranbir dance, hug ecstatic female fans, propose to a lucky few, take questions from the audience, re-enact scenes from his recent films and yes guys – they even dared to quiz him about Katrina Kaif! Not only that, our entertaining duo made Ranbir feel at home, sharing with him special never seen before BBC archive footage of him as a child with his legendary grandfather Raj Kapoor and an interview of his father Rishi Kapoor in his younger years, talking fondly about his expectations for his young son Ranbir. Never have UK fans been able to get so close to Ranbir Kapoor, in what was an entertaining and insightful interview.

BollySpice was lucky to be there to witness the fun and masti and share with you some of the special insights and gems which Raj and Pablo drew out from Ranbir – enjoy!

– “I’m really actually quite shy in real life.”

– “I passed with only 54.3 percent in school…I had heard somewhere that you did not need to study to become an actor.”

– “I liked Maths and Shakespeare in school…but was really bad in dramatics.”

– “As a child, an ambition was to become a karate instructor.”

– “Kareena, my sister and I used to play ‘House House’ when we were young.”

– “After Besharam my most favourite co star to work with is my mother.”

– “One thing I would change about myself is that I am too introverted. I am not a people person, so I would like to go out and meet people.”

– “I lived together with my childhood friend when in New York. We are no longer friends, so never live with your friends!”

– “I wanted to buy a motorbike when I was 13, but my parents would not allow it.”

– “Wake up Sid is the main film out of the ten I have done which I could really relate to, as I was a bit of a slacker myself.”

– “Mera Naam Joker is the film by my grandfather I would most like to act in – playing a joker is a dream for any actor, Hollywood or Bollywood.”

– “Music wise I like Electronic Dance Music and Mumford & Sons.”

– “If I was to be in a remake it would probably be the Joker from Dark Night and also Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.”

– “The last movie I saw which I thought I would love to have done was 3 Idiots.”

You will be able to watch the full conversation with Ranbir Kapoor from 5th October on BBC Asian Network. Until then we only have one thing to say: America may have Oprah Winfrey, India has Koffee with Karan, but the UK has its very own – Raj and Pablo!

You can catch the full fab interview live at 10am today Saturday October 5th and if you missed you can see it on bbc.co.uk/asiannetwork !

You can also get some sneak peek videos

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