Rakesh Mehra speaks about filmmaking and the completion of Dilli 6

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It’s about time we heard from the cinematic genius who has been hiding for months now, working hard on Dilli 6. At last his work is over. Dilli 6 is now complete and in the safe hands of Rakesh’s wife, Bharathi, who is toiling very hard now to do immaculate editing to the movie. Bharathi did the editing for both of Rakesh’s previous releases, Aks & Rang De Basanti, and Rakesh Mehra is sure she’ll work her magic again.

When speaking to Mid-day, Rakesh said that he had yet to step into the editing studio and does not plan to either. He believes that he needs to let her do her work independently and treat her expertise exactly as he treats the expertise of any other technician he works with. Editing to Rakesh Mehra is the purest art form of cinema as it is the only craft that truly relates with cinema. Rakesh also added that he believes screenplay and editing are the backbones for any movie and considers no one to know Bharathi’s job better than her.

Now that Dilli 6 is out of his hands, what is the genius up to? Well, like they say a genius mind is never resting. Tired physically from the journey of Dilli 6, Rakesh Mehra is now returning to writing. One would think this is still a tiring job, but for Rakesh it’s a relaxing task. Subhash K Jha cleverly tried to get a hint of the cast for this project in the making, however Rakesh clearly stated that his scripts choose their actors. Besides, what he is writing may not necessarily be what he directs next.

Well, whatever Rakesh Mehra is up to, BollySpice will surely be the first to bring you the news!

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