Rakhi Sawant v Tanushree Dutta

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As the arguments surrounding Tanushree Dutta’s walkout from Horn Okay Pleasss, continue to reverberate, Tanushree has widened her line of attack in an interview in Filmfare where she said, “If the producer and director wanted their lead actor to have ‘fun’ they should’ve called Rakhi from day one.”

With the great dignity and reserve that we’ve all come to expect from Rakhi, she has replied, “God bless Tanushree Dutta. I don’t know why she has to say these things.
It’s sad that I am being dragged into this. In fact, I was honoured to work opposite Nana Patekar in the film.”

Meanwhile, Rakhi’s position as Queen of the Nautch Girls is under threat from Sambhavna Seth, whose career in Bollywood was running parallel with Rakhi at one stage with performances in China Town, Kafeela and Zameer et al. She then spent some time concentrating on Bhojpuri movies which she now regrets. “I regret that I only focused on Bhojpuri films and this gave a chance for the other item girls to move ahead in Bollywood. Though I was recently appreciated for my cabaret song in Bhojpuri version of Sholay, the truth is that you get into limelight only through working in Bollywood,” she says.

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