Rakhi Sawant’s Spontaneous Gesture

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Rakhi Sawant has charmed us with her antics both on the big screen and the small screen. She’s also impressed us with her hard work as she builds two (or is it three) parallel careers as the hottest item girl in Bollywood, the doyenne of reality TV shows and now as Queen Cheerleader for the new ICL season. Inside her streetwise exterior, however, she clearly has a heart of gold. Recently, when visiting a school for street kids with director Kunal Kohli as part of a kids reality dance show, she opened up when she heard the difficulties the school was facing. “Rakhi was deeply touched when she heard of Aamir Hafiz’s experience with the teachers in a school during a social visit,” a spokesman said. “She along with her co-judge Kunal immediately offered a cheque of Rs 50,000 as a gesture of respect for the school that taught street children.”

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