Rakhi’s Swayamvar Comes to an End

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Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar will soon be coming to an end. She has finally picked her spouse in one Elesh Parujanwala from Toronto. The entrepreneur has given in to the item-girl’s demands and has agreed to shift base from Canada to Mumbai. Her wedding will be featured live on August 2nd and one of her clauses was that she would not leave her work behind to get married, to which the groom succumbed.

The to-be-groom spoke to journalists in Mumbai regarding the decision and claimed, “There won’t be any need for a long-distance marriage, or for Rakhi to join me in Toronto. I’ve already shifted a part of my business from Toronto to Mumbai and I intend to stay put in Mumbai for a very long time.” He added that he was skeptical about the show, “At first I was skeptical. In fact I initially expressed my misgivings to the program’s creators. I didn’t want my children to one day ask me why I married their mom on a game show. But I’m glad I came on ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’. It isn’t a game, though it may be a show being watched by millions. For Rakhi and for me it’s a matter of life and death.”

Elesh added, “I used to watch Rakhi Sawant in her films and her music videos. At that time I never thought I’d one day be asking her hand for marriage. Life is funny.” It certainly is!

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