Rakta Charitra – RGV’s most violent film yet?

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Ram Gopal Varma made his debut in Hindi films with Shiva in 1990, and even till this day, some find this film to be one of the most violent films in Hindi cinema history. For the ace director, this was only one of the many films he was to make that was described as violent. But ask if he has a violent streak in reality and he says no.

“I’m a very soft guy; I can’t even see a mosquito being killed. I’m not joking. I don’t harbour feelings of revenge” said the Rann director in an interview with Hindustan Times in preparation for his latest offering, Rakta Charitra, a trilingual in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu that is based on the life and assassination of Andhra Pradesh political leader Paritala Ravi. He continues, saying “When you know why someone is behaving in a particular manner and you understand his state of manner, you won’t get angry with him. Since revenge comes out of anger, you won’t feel that emotion. So I don’t get angry with anyone.” Coming from someone who seems to be having a Twitter war with Karan Johar, this comes as a surprise.

Said to be his most violent film till date, Rakta Charitra stars Vivek Oberoi, South actor Surya Sivakumar debuting in Hindi films, and Shatrughan Sinha. Does this mean it will be a blood and gore fest? RGV clarifies, “It doesn’t have bloodshed alone. It’s more about suggestion, sound effects and lights. It’s more about expression that creates an effect”.

The film is due out October 22nd and is scheduled to release in Hindi and Telugu in two parts, while the Tamil version is said to be edited into a single full length feature.

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