Ramu vs. Karan All Over Again!

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It seems that Ram Gopal Varma can’t get enough of Karan Johar. The duo are known for disliking each other’s work and genre of films but have never refrained from being diplomatic about their loathe. In fact, both director-producers, who coincidentally are dually seeing a rather rough time after their productions and directed films all seem to be failing at the box office, have publically ousted each other a number of times in the past on the social media site, Twitter.

And yet again, Varma has started another war after Johar’s We Are Family failed to create waves in the hearts of critics, audiences and at the box office. Varma went on to tweet, “The good thing about official remakes is that we can officially prove to the world how bad as makers we are” (sic). His indication of course was at We Are Family being an official remake of the hit Hollywood film, Stepmom. RGV too received immense flak after he went out and made a debacle better known as Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag which was a remake of the blockbuster hit Sholay.

He also went to poke fun at the film industry and its so-called kin-like love for each other. “Atleast going by the tweets in the twitter world everyone in the film industry seems to be one great ‘we are family” (sic), he tweeted. Not one to sit back and not respond, Karan Johar went on to tweet as subtle rebuttal, “Its sad when extreme failure and death of talent drives filmakers into a zone of negativity…sad!! But that is the unfortunate truth!!” (sic) he tweeted.

Ram Gopal Varma has his much awaited Rakhta Charitra soon releasing while Karan Johar is supposedly on a break and in the midst of scripting his next film.

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