Ranbir and Deepika reveal the details of their love story!

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Unlike other Bollywood couples, Ranbir Kapooor and Deepika Padukone are very open about their relationship and have no qualms gushing about how much they love each other. In a recent interview with People Magazine India, they revealed everything there is to know about their relationship, from their first date until now. Here were some of the highlights!

Jab they met

Deepika said that the two first met while they were shooting for their debut films. In fact, they had the same hair stylists, who played matchmakers and tried to set the two up. In July of 2007, Ranbir asked Deepika out for lunch. But she says, “It was meant to be only lunch; but lunch became coffee; coffee became cheesecake; and cheesecake became movie.” However, they formally started seeing each other on Februrary 23, 2008. That makes it almost six months for Ranbika (Okay, I tried!).

They remember their date right down to the most minute details. Funnily enough, Deepika tells People that Ranbir was wearing shoes that were way too big for him. “The boots don’t suit him as his frame is so small and the boots are so huge!” she says. Still, Ranbir says they are his favourite!

Filmy love story…

Ranbir admits that he is the one that chased after Deepika. “Of course, I pursued her. I’m quite orthodox that way. I feel a man should always pursue a woman,” he says. Orthodox, yes, but some would call it being a gentleman! Though they started spending a lot of time together during the filming of Bachna Ae Haseeno, they continued to meet while working on a Pepsi commercial. Deepika talks of a moment that made her swoon when she reveals, “He came all the way to Karjat to pick me up. I was shooting a song with Akshay Kumar for Chandni Chowk to China then, and he was free for a couple of days. He drove all the way to Karjat to pick me up and we spent the evening together.” Awwww…coochie-coo! (Hah!)

The other woman/man…

Both Ranbir and Deepika were actually dating other people at the time of their first date. Both also admit that their girlfriend/boyfriend at the time knew about their ‘lunch’. Ranbir also adds that they do talk about their past relationships and he is actually friends with his exes. Deepika admits, “Even I continue to be friends with some of mine.” Some? How many are there, Deepika? Just kidding!

Om Shanti Om vs. Saawariya!

It’s ironic how the two had their debut films battle it out last Diwali, when Deepika’s OSO won the race. Deepika says she saw Saawariya but Ranbir butts in, “She didn’t go and watch the film. I forced her to watch.” Since then, she has seen the film four times and says Ranbir is “extremely talented”.

McRomance and Starbucks…

During the filming of Bachna, the two often ate McDonalds and sipped Starbucks together. Deepika blames Ranbir for making her put on weight. She says jokingly to him, “Yeah, that’s where you made me put on weight. He would order burger for himself and also get one for me.”

Saas-bahu and all that!

What about their parents, how do they feel about the two being together? Ranbir says, “They are extremely normal. If I have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend, they respect that.” The two also admit that their respective families knew about it way before it came out in the media. They meet each others parents regularly, whether it’s during shooting or even going out for dinner. But Ranbir’s mom Neetu Singh reveals that Ranbir never tells her about his girlfriends and she always comes to know about it! She says, “I always come to know about it. He has had many [girlfriends] before this.”

The airport kiss!

Recently, Ranbir was caught giving Deepika a tiny peck at the airport in Bangkok when the media made a huge deal out of it. He says, “I didn’t realise there were cameras around. The news channels made a big deal out of it, and it was kind of hard. We are private people and it’s hard to see that moment repeatedly being flashed on screen. It was weird, wrong and unfair.” In fact, the two say they haven’t kissed yet!


Everyone loves a gift. So what have the two bought each other? After Deepika casually mentioned wanting to learn to play the piano, Ranbir actually bought her a piano and had it sent to her house. In addition to buying him a Macbook Air, Deepika seems hell bent on re-vamping Ranbir’s wardrobe, starting with that pair of shoes! In Bangkok, she bought him a pair of golden shoes and says, “The gold shoes are at least better than that ugly pair of Timberland shoes.”

Well, at least Ranbir is past the days when he used to steal his mother’s clothes to gift to his girlfriends. His mom says, “My new shirts used to go missing, and then one day, his girlfriend came home wearing one of my new shirts.”

Love/Hate relationship

So what do they hate about each other? Ranbir hates that she is an actress and Deepika hates that he can never say ‘no’. I’d say, Deepika use that to your advantage! She also adds that she loves that he is a very simple person and very patient. He says, “The best part is that there is no negativity in her. When I’m with her, I am surrounded by goodness. It makes me good in some way.”

A happy ending!

Really fans, you can’t complain that this couple is secretive because they’ve basically laid it all out on the table for you! Kya love story hai!

Note: Quotes and information from this article are from People Magazine India who holds the copyright for the original article. We here at Bollyspice provide full credit to People Magazine India for conducting the interview. You can read the full interview with Ranbir and Deepika here at Filmi Cafe

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