Ranbir and Priyanka starrer Barfee ready for its first take!

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We have been hearing lots of rumors about casting, titles and when it was going to start filming but now we do have some clarifications about Anurag Basu’s new film! Titled Barfee, the film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and South star Ileana D’Cruz and it is going to the floor tomorrow! With music by Pritam and schedules in Mumbai, Calcutta and North Bengal, the film is set to release in January of 2012.

About the delay in starting the project director Basu told TOI, “Arre, what to do? The shoot of Imtiaz’s (Ali) Rockstar will continue till the first week of March and I couldn’t have got Ranbir before that. Barfee” will go on the floors on March 20.” The first scene to be canned we hear will be a song!

Though everyone was calling the film Silence, it seems this was never the title, “I was looking for a sweet name for my film and it couldn’t have been any sweeter than having a sweet’s name for a title. Jokes apart, Ranbir is called Barfee in the film.”

Ranbir will play a deaf/mute character and has been doing quite a lot of research in preparation for the film. He has been taking daily lessons in sign language and has even visited schools to get more of an insight into playing a deaf/mute character.

The young actor is basing his character both on Charlie Chaplain’s Little Tramp but also Rowan Atkinson’s hysterical character Mr. Bean. A source said, “Basu is a big fan of Chaplin’s. But Mr Bean is Ranbir’s idea. He feels the younger generation needed a far more immediate and ready reference point than Chaplin and Basu too jumped at the idea.”

Priyanka’s role is that of a mentally challenged girl and she too has put a lot of research and work into her character before the first shots. A source told the Mumbai Mirror, “Priyanka felt that she needed time with Anurag to do workshops to work on her looks and expressions for the film. She also wanted to know how she will be presented, considering she plays a deaf and dumb character.” Just yesterday we know Priyanka went for her look test and she was nervous about it, she tweeted, “burfi look test! Scary!”

Talking of the film last year the director explained, “The performances are of paramount importance in the film, otherwise it will fall flat. I cannot say which genre the film belongs to though it is a love story at the core. There are elements of other genres too.”

Anurag is very passionate about this project, he tweeted, “i was never been so close and passionate to any of my earlier film as i am to BARFEE.”

We will keep you updated on this very intriguing project so stay tuned for more!

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