Ranbir Kapoor: Directing?

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It is unknown to most but Ranbir Kapoor’s childhood dream has been to direct a film. He in fact regards it as his “immature dream”. However, the actor is far too busy and caught up being an actor right now which means his aspiration to direct will have to wait. “It would be definitely under RK banner and I would like to direct and act in the film too. But currently I am too busy as an actor,” he explained.

The actor is determined to prove himself as a versatile actor before he can be given the task of directing under his imminent home RK banner. During his six year span in Bollywood, Kapoor has been a part of a number of films that have individually furthered and established his stature as an actor par excellence. More recently, we saw him in Raajneeti, where he was part of a huge ensemble cast and yet managed to gain supreme accolades. Kapoor has a clear vision when he looks at a script, “The script should be convincing for me to pull off such kind of movie.”

Ranbir will next be seen in Anjaana Anjaani with Priyanka Chopra. The actor has been out and about promoting the film which will release on October 1st.

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