Ranbir the real hero

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Ranbir Kapoor proved himself as a reel hero in Saawariya and recently he was a hero in real life. His heroic act was to help a little girl who was separated from her parents in the crowded Orchid City Center mall.

A source who was at the mall said, “Ranbir was his usual self, affably chatting with everybody, signing autographs and shaking hands. The media closed in on him, clicking pictures and shooting questions.”

Then, the source added, “All of a sudden, he spotted a small girl standing and crying among the crowds and on questioning her, found out that she was lost and couldn’t find her parents. He immediately picked her up and took her to the dais and gently questioned her about her parents. Then he made an announcement on the microphone, asking for her parents to come forward and get their daughter.”

Ranbir stayed with the little girl and kept her calm while they waited for her parents to come find her. “Eventually the girl’s family members heard Ranbir’s announcement and came up to take their child,” said the source.

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