Ranbir thrills fans at an online chat!

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Ranbir Kapoor made some of his fans’ dreams come true when came online for a chat at Ranbir Kapoor Fanclub’s forum. The chat was scheduled for 11:30 pm IST and right on the dot he was there.

He spent about an hour and half answering the swarm of questions from the excited fans. He was very sweet and answered as many of the questions as he could but then, since he had an early call for his new movie he had to go.

He wrote: “Alright guys have a early call time tomorrow and have to be up in 6 hours.. i should crash now.. its really been a pleasure chatting wit all of you and i promise to be back soon.. it was so much fun… THANK YOU.. from the bottom of my heart.. thank you.. love you all… talk to you soon…

Till then, see ya the movies.”

Check back soon here at Bollyspice for an exclusive full report on that amazing chat.

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