Ranbir Was Sid

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It had quite a buzz about it going into its opening night and many a fan and industrywala was excited to see Wake Up Sid. Not only because it was a Karan Johar production with a new exciting director at its helm, Ayan Mukerji, but also because of the two lead stars Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma. Add on that the film’s music and promos showed audiences a fresh vibe and fans could not wait to see it. It is finally here and those who have been lucky to see it have really loved it, including Ranbir’s famous parents!

In the film, Ranbir plays Sid, who is in his words on the Wake Up Sid blog, “A character that’s universally known. He’s a lazy, unmotivated slacker who is at a transitional period in his life. His childhood is behind him, and he’s not ready to embrace adulthood quite yet.”

Ranbir says that once he heard the script he was sure he was right to play the role of Sid, in fact he even suggested the title, he told Taran Adarsh, “When Ayan narrated the script – it was a 4-hour marathon session – I knew I had to be a part of it. Nothing else mattered. All I knew was, I had to do this film. That was the impact of its story.”

The young heartthrob said that he identified with what Sid was going through, “I’ve become increasingly attached to Wake Up Sid, and to my character Sid. His mom, his dad, his friends, his hangouts, his entire lifestyle is captured in such a way that one can’t help but see their own lives in his. His story is my story, and the story of a million other young guys and girls who are at a point in their lives where things are about to change. At a point when they are all about to wake up.”

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, he reiterated that at one point in his life he was Sid , “I went from a phase when I did not know what to do, to a phase when I decided I wanted to become an actor but did not know how to go about it,” he said. But added that he was not as lazy, “I hate the fact that he is way too lazy. Whereas I am always in a hurry to do things.”

Producer Karan Johar has nothing but praise for Ranbir’s performance saying, “Ranbir has a likeability, a sincerity, and a coolness that the Indian audience is hungry for, and has played Sid with a charm and subtlety that is endearing.”

So wake up and go see Wake Up Sid because it is in theaters now! We will have our review hot off the presses soon so check back often!

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