Randeep Hooda’s Close Shave

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Randeep Hooda is a busy actor this year with three films shooting almost exactly at the same time. Not only is he finishing up his work on Jannat 2, the actor is also starring as one of Kareena Kapoor’s suitors in Heroine, plus he is also starting a new project with Vishram Sawant.

Sawant, who also worked with Randeep in both Risk and D, turns his lens again to the underworld with a very real, gritty and tough film titled Shooter. About the film, Randeep said, “I don’t know how much I can reveal about it, but it’s definitely one of the most challenging scripts that I have come across in a long time. Vishram is crazy, so if you are working with him, he’ll keep you on your toes.”

For this character, Vishram wanted the actor to have a unique look. In fact, very unique because the director wanted Randeep to go bald for the role. However, since Randeep is shooting for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine as well he hasn’t been able to shave off his hair. Says Randeep with a wink, ‘In my heart I said a prayer of thanks for the small mercies.’

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