Rani and Adnan: Bollywood’s next big affair

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Rani Mukerji paired with Adnan Sami?!? When I first heard about this gossip my eyes widened and my jaw dropped. But, after giving it a thought, it is starting to all fit together. They have showed rocking chemistry in one of Adnan’s biggest hit ‘Tera Chehra’ thanks to our lady luck Mukerji. Who knows, they might even look good in a movie together. Adnan has obviously slimmed down quite a notch and Rani is clearly not getting any skinnier. It’s a win-win arrangement! With Rani Mukerji on his side, this pop star could be our next Hrithik Roshan… or at least Govinda.

All jokes aside, rumor has it the pair will be seen on screen together soon. In fact, there is also talk about Adnan slimming down especially for this role. However, Adnan losing the right amount of weight for a main actor role is unlikely. But who are we to say what the man is capable of accomplishing. Now the important questions are: Will their chemistry kick off as it did in their much popular video? Will the Rani-Adnan combo open new doors for Sami? Let us not forget how long musician Sonu Nigam’s acting career has lasted. Fact is most singers don’t exactly do well in the acting field. Regardless, our best wishes go out to Adnan Sami and even the possible ‘chakkar’ between the two. To find out more, keep watching this space!

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