Rani is a Non-Smoker!

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As we all know and read even if we don’t admit it, gossip and unproven, many times false stories fly about on every Bollywood star. Rani Mukerji has had her fill in the last month or so. There has been the false report of her engagement to Aditya Chopra and now a story is being reported that she is a big smoker, which is also false.

Her close friends are annoyed and are speaking up. One said, “Rani’s mother has apparently been asking Rani to quit smoking. Rani’s mom is having fits. She wants to know why she’d ask her daughter to quit smoking when the girl doesn’t light up at all? We’ve never seen Rani smoke in our life.” Rani has had to smoke one or 2 cigarettes for a movie role but that is the extent of her lighting up the cancer sticks. In fact, Rani is getting ready to shoot an anti-smoking campaign.

Her friend added, “First the false report on Rani’s engagement with Aditya Chopra, now this report about she being a smoker…The day Rani was supposed to have been engaged she was shooting the entire day for Pradeep Sarkar’s Laaga Chunari Mein Daag and laughing her head off. ‘Hey guys guess what? I got engaged and I don’t know about it,’ she called her friends and joked.”

About all these rumors, her friend said that Rani is keeping silent because she feels they are too ridiculous to respond to, but sadly the press is taking her no comment stance as a proof of their truth.
“Rani had decided to do an anti-smoking campaign on television even before this story came out. Now she’s all the more determined to do the campaign, and not just that. She’ll soon be giving her version on the supposed engagement with Aditya Chopra because her family and close friends feel such talk and her silence are damaging her career,” revealed her friend.

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