Rani’s To-Do List: Have her characters accomplished them all?

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Rani Mukherjee is one of those phenomenal actresses who has played every character and age imaginable. Through it all she possesses a sense of timelessness that makes her perfect for every role she plays.

On her thirty-third birthday she looks back on her accomplishments and regrets with a smile. From her experiences she compiled a list of ten things a girl must do in her twenties to make the most of life. This list is comprehensive and daunting, including everything from skydiving to losing your virginity.

If not in her own life, on screen she’s experienced it all. Let’s see how much of this list her characters have fulfilled…

10.Do something physically adventurous
This one is easy. Whether it’s running from the cops in Bunty Aur Babli or playing a fierce game of cricket in Dil Bole Hadipa, Rani’s one tough, active lady.

9. Be at the top of your game
Hm… by the time Rani was 30, had been a wife, a heroine, a mistress, and a sister. She had over thirty different true loves. That says it all.

8. Go on a all-girl/boy vacation
This was a tricky one. Possibly the only one she hasn’t fulfilled on screen. Can someone prove me wrong?

7. Know yourself
The most shining example of this is Rani’s role in Black. One of her most serious performances, Rani’s character not only gets to know and understand the world around her, but her place in it, as well. As a student, Rani’s character goes from blackness and confusion into the light, and in the end becomes a teacher, herself.

6. Do volunteer work
This one came to me almost immediately because it is from one of my favorite movies. Suhani in Saathiya is a medical student and it is on a volunteer trip to a seaside town that Suhani and Aditya (Vivek Oberoi) first confess their love. Perhaps he was attracted to Suhani’s intelligence and humanitarian work…

5. Have a healthy relationship with your parents
Well, Mehndi obviously would not be my first choice. But in Mujhse Dosti Karoge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai she had great relationships with her parents or parent in KKHH. Another great relationship, though a bit different, was in Baabul because her in-laws truly treated her like their own daughter. However, the best example I can think of is Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. Rani’s character Badki has a such a devotion to her family that she must becomes a prostitute to support them. In the end, however, the family faces reality and accepts her for her sacrifice.

4. Have a bank balance
Rani’s characters have accomplished this one without a doubt. In Hum Tum, Rhea becomes a fashion designer with her own Parisian boutique. She’s living with her mother, so you know she’s saving that money! While Vimmi in Bunty Aur Babli probably does not have a legitimate bank account, the criminal duo fell into some major cash scamming wealthy business tycoons.

3. Have your heart broken
Let’s face it, when Rani Mukherjee sets her sights on a man, she usually gets him. But there are a few exceptions. In Saawariya, her character as a prostitute falls for Raj. Unfortunately Raj already has a true love and Gulabji must remain alone, but a friend to all. In her role as Rhea, her heart is well and truly broken in Hum Tum by Saif’s Karan. As Priya in Chalte Chalte, she gets her heart broken by her husband’s jealousy and anger. But in true Bollywood style both of these are only momentary and is just the beginning of a romantic conclusion and happy endings.

2. Fall truly, deeply, madly in love
To reiterate what I said about Number 3, Rani gets her man. There are few movies where Rani’s character does not fall in love. I think she’s got this one covered.

1. Lose your virginity
Rani’s final requirement for turning thirty is a little surprising for a star who is known for keeping a proper public image. However, she’s got a point and Rani’s roles are no stranger to sex. In fact she has played a prostitute in at least three different movies: Mangal Pandey, Saawariya, and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. She’s had more than her share of kissing scenes from Hey Ram to Bunty Aur Babli to Hum Tum. My favorite scene, however, that fulfills number one is the scene in Paheli that culminates in a loud thunderstorm on the roof the haveli.

Good list, Rani. It seems to have gotten the Bollywood beauty pretty far. While all of these things make for a good film, they seem to make an even better life.

Happy 33rd Birthday Rani!

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