Ranveer bana Suri

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During his audition for Band Baaja Baaraat, Ranveer Singh was asked to enact the terrace scene from RNBDJ, in which a shy SRK says “main toh kisi ladies ko nahi jaanta”. Interestingly, Ranveer’s very first scene to be shot for Band Baaja Baaraat was far from demure. He sweet-talks his way into gate crashing a wedding in which he arranges a special dinner for all his friends who are bored of the mundane food of their hostel. He convinces the neighborhood thapa to let them in by saying “Thapa doosri naukri milegi”, in case the thapa gets caught!

Ranveer Singh’s favorite scenes from Band Baaja Baaraat are the sequences of the song “Tarkeebein”. This fun song takes you down memory lane, and reminds you just how much fun college was! His favorite scene to watch is the one in which he calls Anu Aunty to enquire about Shruti (Anushka Sharma) which is a funny single take shot. Be sure to look out for this one!

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