When Ranveer Got Teary Eyed At Aditya Chopra’s Words

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ranveersinghbefikreadityachopraAs we told you earlier Aditya Chopra and Ranveer Singh have formed a mutual admiration society. Recently the actor proved the point even more and actually broke down about the compliments his director wrote about him. Here’s more on the story.

The flamboyant, high octane Ranveer Singh completely stumped the media in Delhi during a press conference. As his mentor and director of Befikre, Aditya Chopra, has written a touching and heart felt note about Ranveer’s part in his film, he decided to read it aloud onstage. As he continued to read it further, he got very emotional, with tears welling up.

A filmmaker who has always let his work do the talking has communicated with people through his series of blogs on why he has chosen to make a light hearted, impulsive romance. In his second post, he has stated that even before he chose to direct the film, he had written this story with Ranveer Singh in mind. Ranveer was very moved by such admiration from his mentor and a game changing filmmaker. As he choked up while reading it, the media was also moved by the poignant if surprising moment.

In fact, the usually talkative Ranveer couldn’t take any more questions at the press conference after that. He was stunned and stayed silent. Fans who had turned up her kept calling out for him to dance, or mimic, or entertain in his usual flamboyant style but Ranveer had to make an effort to hold back his tears. Given that the mood of the press conference took an emotional turn, the emcee asked for the final questions to wrap up proceedings here.

Despite being on a tight promotional schedule, he asked for a break from his team, and kept asking for tissues as it was hard for him to control his tears. People present here noticed that he kept sipping on water, trying to compose himself. But his mentor’s gesture meant the world to him.

An hour later, when asked, Recalling the moment, he said “Nothing has meant more to me. Not box office success, or praise, or even awards. I am overwhelmed. It’s difficult to describe what I am feeling.”

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