Ranveer Singh: “‘Firecracker’ is a vibe and I freestyled the choreography”

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Ranveer Singh is starring in Yash Raj Films’ Jayeshbhai Jordaar, which is set to hit the big screen on May 13th. In the fabulous, intriguing we can’t wait to see this trailer we see that Ranveer has again completey transformed himself into a character. This time hailing from heartland Gujarat. Full of nuance, comedy, and deep emotion, and of course Ranveer’s razor-sharp wit, Jayeshbhai Jordaar will entertain audiences, win over hearts and also deliver a powerful message.

Now, the first song, composed and sung by Vishal Shekhar, is out and it too has us intrigued! See, for ‘Firecracker’, Ranveer has turned an item boy. What is even cooler that he performed without being choreographed.

Check it!

Ranveer revealed to us, “‘Firecracker’ is a vibe. Maneesh was very clear. Divyang was very clear that, look, you’ve performed the entire character now; you’ve gone through the entire graph, the journey of the character. Now the character’s yours, you’ve made it your own so we won’t choreograph it! You just freestyle, in character, as Jayesh would.”

He added, “Barring the hook step, I was just left to be and to dance the way Jayesh would dance. Being in character, the moves would just come out, stumble out of me and we captured that. It has its own appeal. Jayesh is an endearing character and it’s that aspect of him that he wanted to present and showcase in the song. Just the great joie de vivre that he possesses, this great love of life, this joyous, beaming grateful heart that he has.”

Ranveer is supremely confident that the song will make everyone smile! He says, “Every time I have been in the presence of somebody who was watching firecracker, they’ve got a smile plastered on their face from beginning to end; which means that there is a certain amount of joy that that song and that character and that performance is giving.”

Adding, “It makes people smile and that’s very fulfilling for me because I believe, that is my purpose on earth, to make people smile; and if I am able to do that through my craft, that’s very fulfilling to me.”

A hilarious satire on society – Jayeshbhai Jordaar, produced by Maneesh Sharma, also stars Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey, who debuts on Bollywood’s big screen opposite Ranveer. The film has been directed by debutant Divyang Thakkar and is releases May 13th!

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