Ranveer Singh launches India’s most cutting-edge music label IncInk

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Team Inc Ink (L to R)-Ranveer Singh, Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda, Kaam Bhaari, Navzar Eranee, SlowCheeta, Spitfire, Anushka Manchanda

In what can be called a truly historic day in the music industry of India, actor superstar Ranveer Singh and filmmaker and music evangelist Navzar Eranee have teamed up to launch their passion project, an independent music record label called IncInk. The label will look to unearth the future superstars of the music scene in India and present their raw talent to a global audience.

“We are first starting with launching some really raw, immensely talented, new rap and hip-hop artists who we believe will be the next superstars of the scene. Rap and hip-hop are the biggest thing happening in Indian music today. This poetry is speaking of a revolution, it is speaking of how India is protesting against class structures, injustice, and social atrocities. It is the voice of India, from the streets of India that you just can’t ignore anymore. Hindustani rap/hip hop is telling our nation’s story and reality and we at Inc Ink want to bring out the real poets of our generation. Inc Ink literally means writing your own story and I’m inspired and thrilled to be starting this passion project that aims to affect social change. I hope that we can present some of the strongest, boldest voices of Indian youth to the world,” said Ranveer, who turns a global entrepreneur with his music venture.

He added, “The first 3 exceptional talents being launched are Kaam Bhari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire and I’m a huge fan of their music. We intend to sign and promote several more artists, who are exploring various genres of music, in the days to come and showcase their beautiful music to India and the world. As an outsider in Bollywood, I have always wanted to do my bit to bring out and support the outstanding talent that we have in every street of our country. So, when Navzar and I came up with the idea of IncInk, it appealed to my core, my heart. Inc Ink is my passion and I intend to use this platform to give as many artists, from across the country, a chance to dazzle India with their talent.”

Ranveer’s partner and co-collaborator in IncInk is Navzar Eranee, a filmmaker and music lover aiming to nurture, launch and build artistes in India. He too turns an entrepreneur with this company that will give contemporary poets of our generation suitable exposure and reach amongst people.

Co-founder Navzar Eranee said, “Art can comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Music has always inspired me to think and act beyond my perceived limitations. As an artist bubbling with a point of view, I grew tired of safe conversations and diplomacy driven by economic interests. I want to connect with people. These connections via truth and authentic expression, though not always agreeable, create a more inclusive conversation. This insight drove Ranveer and I to push our own boundaries and form IncInk. Anushka Manchanda a.k.a. Nuka & Shikhar Manchanda a.k.a. RĀKHIS came on board as our Head of Music, because we all agreed on the absolute core of what we envision for IncInk. Where artists can collaborate and express with real freedom. In my view, the haves and the have nots must engage on common ground – through art and music. This is where all collisions, disagreements and agreements must occur. To cause this change we must stir the nest, with our thoughts, our deeds and our words.”

About the decision to start their independent label by launching rap and hip-hop artists, Navzar added, “Rap allows for a bold and direct approach. We can speak our truths, learn, educate and maybe even inspire somebody outside of ourselves. Oppression must be faced with bravery and creativity. We often face injustice every day. By bringing these subjects to light through art, we can recognise them and take action. Rap lends truth to the idea that art is mightier than the sword.”

Today, IncInk released their first single, titled Zeher written and performed by Kaam Bhaari, produced by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda (a.k.a. RĀKHIS). Zeher is a hard-hitting song that challenges the prevalent conforms of the Indian music industry boldly and unapologetically.

Check out the song

About IncInk

IncInk is an independent music company formed by artists, for art. ‘Inc’ stands for Inclusive, and ‘Ink’ for Inkalab, revolution through art. ‘IncInk’ is Inclusive Ink and an Inclusive revolution.

IncInk seeks out musicians, poets, painters, and film makers to discover, nurture and promote exciting new talents. Their aim is to create an infrastructure where artists from different mediums can collaborate without restrictions. By being inclusive, IncInk will create authentic music, art and film which will provide a voice and a platform for artists. In essence, IncInk is an end to end solution for artistic freedom.

KAAM BHAARI – KUNAL PANDAGLE: Since being featured with Ranveer Singh in the “Don’t Hold Back” music video (which was directed by Navzar Eranee), Kaam Bhaari has also featured in Zoya Akhtar’s feature film Gully Boy (produced by Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby) as himself, for which he has written two songs, ‘Kaam Bhaari’ (performed by him) & ‘Kab Se Kab Tak’ (performed by Ranveer Singh).

SLOWCHEETA – CHAITNYA SHARMA: Rap music, for him, has always been the music of rebels. So, here he is. Leading a one-man rebellion against an Empire within his home and outside that everyone asked him not to go against, just because they thought he has “a lot to lose.”
An outsider to both, his own world and somewhat a perceived outsider to the street scene, SlowCheeta provides a point of view so unique that it makes him special. He is the sum of every emotion in its extreme, but at his core, he just wants to spread joy. 

SPITFIRE – NITIN MISHRA: Spitfire has written and composed the track ‘Asli Hip Hop’ (performed by Ranveer Singh) for Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy (produced by Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby) and has also written verses of Murad’s rap battles for the film.

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