Ranveer Singh makes cool apperance in Actor/Rapper SlowCheeta‘s ‘Kar De Kaa?’

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Actor-rapper Chaitnya Sharma, aka SlowCheeta, recently starred as PK Banerjee in the recently released hit film Maidaan and received much praise for his performance. Now he has donned his other avatar and has dropped his latest EP – Scene Main Bawaal, released by IncInk Records. The singer has also released a unique music video for one of the five tracks from the EP, titled Kar De Kaa?

What makes it even cooler is that in an exciting Gully Boy reunion, the 7-minute-long MV features superstar Ranveer Singh in a cameo, alongside SlowCheeta.

The music video tells the story of India’s underground rap scene, complete with its highs and lows. For Kar De Kaa?, the actor-rapper has released a music video that expands upon its title through a very intriguing video filled with rich storytelling. The title, “Kar De Kaa?,” literally translates to “Should I do it?” However, its context is more nuanced. The phrase is typical of the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar lingo and is used rhetorically when someone thinks a task or a situation is impossible to overcome.

The music video encapsulates the real essence of the underground hip-hop scene in India with superstar Ranveer Singh making an exciting appearance. It captures the juxtaposition, the irony, and the satire that goes behind the actual process of shooting a music video. With a genius integration highlighting the sponsors – Fastrack Smart, the video features supposed “BTS” footage of incidents like camera confiscation, the challenges of sponsorship deliverables, from shutting down production due to budget constraints to the heat, the sweat, and the struggle of getting popular celebrities to be a part of the video. The clever direction makes for an interesting and satirical revealing of the reality behind the amazing-looking shots that appear on-screen. The music video produced by Walkabout Films and directed by Mikhail Anand, also features SlowCheeta’s actor-wife, Shweta Tripathi Sharma of Mirzapur fame.

While talking about the inspiration behind the track and its music video, SlowCheeta said, “Kar De Kaa? has an interesting backstory. I was shooting for my new movie, Maidaan, and one of the best players on the team was an incredible 19-year-old Amandeep from Himachal. He is a supremely talented footballer with a quirky habit of asking, ‘PK bhai, kar de kaa? Maar de goal?’ before shooting a free kick. And then, he would actually smash that free kick and score a goal! I thought that was so cool, that it needed to be in a song. So, I wrote the chorus, and that was that!”

He further added, “The track’s MV is around seven minutes long and focuses a lot on storytelling. It is almost like a short film about what goes on behind the camera lens in the Indian rap scene. I believe the interesting format of the music video, interspersed with BTS footage, gave it a very authentic and entertaining tone. We had the most amazing time shooting with superstar and powerhouse Ranveer Singh, around whom I am always star-struck! This has been one of my dream projects and with his support, this dream has come true!”

Ranveer Singh added, “My love for music is well known. Hip-hop and rap have always interested me and have been a significant part of my life. I’ve tried to integrate it into my work, especially with these young talents we have in the country. I’ve always had an eye on Cheeta’s music since we collaborated for Gully Boy where I relived my passion on-screen as Murad. His work reflects authenticity which I always admired. He is multitalented. I have been seeing his work since his Virat Kohli rap. He and I have had a wonderful journey based on mutual love. It’s heartening to see him spread his wings as a creative multi- hyphenate!”

Check it!

Earlier, SlowCheeta had released two singles – 90s Ke Ladke feat. D’evil and Chai Biskoot feat. Shagun Sharma, as part of the EP, Scene Main Bawaal, which also includes two other brand new tracks, Chaaku Bhonk and Maniac. The actor-rapper’s new EP ‘Scene Main Bawaal’ is available across all leading audio streaming platforms.

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