The action-packed adventure Ranveer VS Wild with Bear Grylls begins July 8th on Netflix

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Ranveer VS Wild with Bear Grylls Is getting ready to stream on Netflix July 8th. Trading the comforts and fashion of a cosmopolitan city to plunge headlong into the unforgiving forests of Serbia, Ranveer Singh is risking his life all for one thing — a rare flower for the love of his life. From rappelling rocky terrains to facing ravenous wolves, he keeps on forging ahead with adventurer Bear Grylls.

For an adventure of a lifetime Ranveer is thrilled to team up with Bear, who he calls “king of the wild”. He says, “This is a fresh offering in the adventure reality genre. Embarking on this great, big challenge was a thrill for me and we feel that the audience will also experience the same adrenaline rush! It’s packed with action, humor, emotion, suspense — just about all the ingredients of a wholesome watch! And the best part is that the audience gets to engage in a truly interactive format, which in many ways is the USP of the show. I am excited to be working with Netflix to bring to you a project that we believe is both novel and thoroughly entertaining!”

So in case you missed it, the exciting and we mean really exciting trailer for Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls shows the actor facing some tough choices.

Should he rappel down a craggy cliff or traverse a mountain line across a nail-biting drop to descend from high ground? What should he do when he meets bears — play dead or dance for them? the twist in the kahani is that Ranveer’s not the one making the decisions in India’s first interactive reality special — you are.

Earlier, at a packed event in Mumbai to launch the trailer with fans and media, the indefatigable powerhouse reminded his fans that his fate is literally in their hands, button dabao aur Ranveer ko bachao! “Dil Darega Nahi, Karega,” said Ranveer as he urged his fans to embrace their fears and pursue their ultimate passion.

Amazingly, Ranveer does his own stunts for the first time ever, while picking up new survival skills from Bear the intrepid explorer, who at one point helpfully informs Ranveer he’s smeared wolf scat on his forehead.

“I am excited to be working with Ranveer. He is a supremely talented actor and a fireball of energy,” says Bear. “The best part about him is his insatiable thirst for growth and adventure. Together with Netflix, Ranveer and I are thrilled to bring the ultimate adventure to audiences across the world.”

“At Netflix, we are constantly pushing our boundaries of storytelling to create truly immersive experiences for our members,” says Monika Shergill, VP-Content, Netflix India. “Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls puts interactivity at the heart of telling this story with viewers in the driver’s seat and participating in his thrilling adventure from start to finish.”

By placing Ranveer in an environment that is totally out of his comfort zone, viewers will get to see and connect with another side of the city boy. After all, love ke liye kuch bhi karega!

“We have always been committed to creating diverse and varied content,” says Deepak Dhar, Founder & CEO, Banijay Asia “Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls has given us the opportunity to bring to Indian audiences something that has never been done before. We are delighted to take forward our association with Netflix India and hope to bring more varied content to the country.”

Get ready to accompany India’s ultimate superstar and all-round badass only on Netflix in an unfiltered, raw and real adventure reality special.

Ranveer aur Bear aa rahe hain, aur aap karenge decide unka next move! Ranveer VS Wild with Bear Grylls only on Netflix on July 8.

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