Ranveer’s Multiple Looks Dropped

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In Yash Raj Films latest release, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, Ranveer Singh plays Ricky Bahl who dons multiple looks in his attempt to con women for money.  The production house were keen for Ranveer to take these different get-ups on the road while promoting the film in multiple cities but the idea had to be dropped due to the stress Ranveer had been under while essaying each of the characters during filming.

A source explained that “Ranveer threw himself into playing the title character Ricky Bahl and his various avatars to the point that he would converse in the given accent with colleagues, family and friends in the way allotted to his character at any specific time during the shooting of his film.”  Ranveer had a similar problem after Band Baaja Baaraat but this time it was a bigger problem with his family and friends getting worried about his changes in character and accent in his personal life.

The young actor joked about his identity crises in the media saying, “In ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, I was a rough and tough, uncouth Delhi guy. In ‘…Ricky Bahl’, I am a suave ladies’ man, who assumes a new identity for courting every woman. After my first film everyone expected me to be like my character in real life, so much so that they were shocked when they discovered me to be a regular Mumbai guy. Now after the second film I don’t know which character I am expected to be. There are so many.”  But Ranveer is paying particular attention to prevent art spilling into his personal life.

Commenting on the promotional plans Ranveer explained that playing the characters in the film were so draining that he needed to take some time to look after himself before beginning another film.  “Yes it’s just me in my boxer shorts. That time with myself is mandatory now. I do need to break out of the spell. But I am grateful to Yash Raj Films for giving me two such contrasting roles one after the other.”

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, which sees the hit team from Band Baaja Baaraat return, is currently in cinemas world wide.

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