Raveena and Twinkle: Too Close for Comfort

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Twinkle Khanna is the current Mrs. Akshay Kumar but there was a time when her husband was dating Raveena Tandon. Back in the day, Kumar and Tandon were considered the hottest pair until they had a fallout and broke up. Akshay quickly went on to date a few more leading ladies before he settled into marital bliss with Twinkle Khanna.

However, at the current ongoing HDIL Couture Fashion week that is taking place in Mumbai, the girls arrived at a particular fashion show within seconds of one another. While Twinkle arrived just before, she bagged all the attention of the media and before they could shift focus to Raveena, she had quickly dissolved into hoards of celebs. Tandon is said to have taken the regular entrance instead of the celeb one that had been designated to them. She then mingled with friends discussing Diwali plans and found herself being clicked by the media too.

Akshay’s other ex-girlfriend, Shilpa Shetty, too has found herself once again postponing her wedding due to a lack of “proper venue.” She was meant to marry beau Raj Kundra, her London based boyfriend, this month but they have decided to wait for a better date and venue before they take the plunge. Shilpa, of course, yet again has put off talks of any wedding by claiming, “Raj and I are ready for marriage. Nothing is keeping us from taking the plunge except proper timing. Once that’s in place, we’ll get married.”

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