Razzie Awards 2010

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Yes, it is that time again! We’re into our third year now when we review the extreme worst of Bollywood. In the past few years, we’ve been ‘treated’ to the atrocities that Hindi cinema has so generously thrown at us. And while we accept and dispose of, we always remember. In fact, it is those memories which never fail to fade. It’s times like this we all wish we had a case of the Ghajini, i.e. forget em’ – even it is just temporary. Anyhow, 2010 housed some of the worst films, dances, actors and so on which had us more than talking. We award these stars with awards, believe it or not. But it’s not what you think. The best get National Awards, Filmfares, Stardusts – the worst, well they get Razzies!

Worst Styling

The award would be insulted if we didn’t hand it over to Akshay Kumar and his stylist for his portrayal of Kishen in Action Replayy. The long hair, gawky teeth and geeky glasses may have been justified in the initial parts of the film, but what’s up with his styling after the so-called makeover takes place? It didn’t seem to work for the otherwise dashing Akshay Kumar. In fact, this could easily go down in history as Kumar’s ugliest film simply because his styling was anything short of exciting. Sorry Akshay, but this time around, you gain the award – for the wrong reason.

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