RDB Win big at the Lebara UK Asian Music Awards!

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RDB won big at last nights Lebara UK Asian Music Awards for their dedicated contribution to the Asian music scene.

The prestigious Asian Music Awards celebrated their 10th year and RDB were awarded with the coveted Commitment to The Scene Award for their contribution to putting Urban –Bhangra music on the mainstream map both in the UK and internationally.

Bollyspice.com spoke to Surj and Manj of RDB to congratulate them on their win and to ask them how they felt. “Over whelming, it really is, because commitment to the scene is not a small award, it is a very prestigious award I guess. Really honoured.”

Surj and Manj have recently been on tour in Pakistan, along with Nindy Kaur. Speaking about their tours they told us, “Yeah we came from Pakistan, technically we are still touring, really. We are all over the place we are still doing shows. We are going to go back to India again do some more shows out there, then go back to the States and do a whole bunch of stuff out there.”

They went on to tell us about their new single We Doin’ It Big which is a tribute to their brother Kuly Ral, who sadly passed away in May.

Speaking about the new album Surj told us, “the main thing we are releasing is a album called Big, which has got special appearances by the whole industry. It’s the main song that we really made in respect for our older brother, just to bring the community of the industry together, and it is going to be released very soon.”

RDB had a special message for their fans telling Bollyspice, “We can’t thank them enough for listening to our music. Our music is the key, we love making it as long as the fans keep listening to it, that’s the support and motivation that is going to keep us going.“



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