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Neel Oberoi – A billionaire bachelor. The world was his oyster. Truly the man who had it all. But did he?

Diagnosed with a fatal heart ailment, Neel’s life had come to a screeching halt. Only a miracle could save him and yes, a deadly crash led him to his miracle, Anahita.

Anahita – Gorgeous, Sexy but yet lonely. Why? A doomed accident had led her to the crossroads of nothingness.

Such is the irony of life that the crash that plunged her into tragedy, ironically led her to meet her dark and passionate destiny, Neel.

Ria – Anahita’s best friend. Her anchor, hoping to lead her to emerge from her horror into a life of love and stability.

Darkly sexy, flirtatious and mysterious, something about Ria didn’t seem right.

If only life was always what it seemed…

Drawing you a tale of fear, seduction and betrayal, Red – The Dark Side trails the story of Neel, Anahita and Ria. Emerging from the clutches of death, Neel is drawn into a passionate encounter of love with Anahita. An uncontrollable love that leads him into a dark alley of Anahita’s past and Ria’s mysteries.

Our Rating

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