REFLECTIONS 2013: Top 5 Heartbreaking Songs of 2013

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The Bollywood song is a magical aspect of a Bollywood film. Through the song, emotions not only have free reign of conveying what may not or cannot be said through the film’s narrative, but can also drive the storyline forward to outstanding lengths.Falling in love, being besotted in love, expressing love and celebrating love are popular themes which colour the Bollywood song – and the overall film. However, the power of a heart broken song can touch the heart strings like nothing else. BollySpice present their top 5 heartbroken songs of 2013 and explore what makes these songs especially poignant.

5. ‘Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ – Aashiqui 2 (Director: Mohit Suri)

Key lyrics: Manzilein ruswa hain, khoyaa hai raasta. Aaye le jaaye, itni si iltijaa. (My journey is angry with me, I’ve lost my way. I wish for you to come and take me away from here.)

Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ was sung and composed by Ankit Tiwari. The female version was sung by Shreya Ghoshal. Beginning slow paced, the melancholic vocals are not only emotive but haunting. Almost like a Sufi rock anthem, ‘Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ not only reflects the pain of being separated from a lover, but the desperate hope of being together again. Sufi music emphasizes the personal connection between a person and the divine.Through this song the beloved is described as a prayer and as the song progresses, the lover’s plight becomes increasingly painful. The lover describes himself as lost – with the beloved being the only one to show the way.

4. ‘Saajna’ – I, Me Aur Main (Director: Kapil Sharma)

Key lyrics: Tu haathon mein toh hai mere. Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein? Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna. (You are besides me, but why aren’t you with me? What does your love mean?)

‘Saajna’ was both sung and composed by Falak Shabir, a Pakistani Pop star. The song was released as an original and as an unplugged version. Through the original, the acoustic coupled with the rock undertone creates a mellow feel. Powerfully, the varying fast and slow pace of the original makes the song even more emotive, making the emotions almost roller coaster-like; whereas the unplugged version places an emphasis on the vocals, hence bringing out the pain conveyed through the lyrics. ‘Saajna’ conveys the heartbreak of feeling lonely and growing apart in a relationship. The lyrics reflect the heart breaking desperation of a lover trying to convey love to their beloved and concurrently questioning why their love is not enough.

3. ‘O Sajna’ – Table No 21 (Director: Aditya Datt)

Key lyrics: Ab bas main hoon yaadein or gham hai. Ab is gham ko saari umar sahenge hum. (Now all I’m left with is memories and pain. I will have to survive this hurt for the rest of my days.)

‘O Sajna’ was composed by Gajendra Verma with vocals by Gajendra Verma and Puja Thaker. The melancholic tone of ‘O Sajna’ instantly pulls on the heart strings. The narrative of the song is structured as a conversation between two lovers: where one has been betrayed while the other asks for forgiveness. Beginning with a verse in English, the song melts into Hindi-Punjabi. Reflected emotively is the reminiscing of the relationship. The song poignantly portrays the devastation, disappointment, destructiveness and hopelessness one feels at the end of a relationship – both by the lover who betrayed and by the lover who has been betrayed.

2. ‘Hum Jee Lenge’ Murder 3 (Director: Vishesh Bhatt)

Key lyrics: Ehsaan tera main maanu, tanha mujhe jo kiya hai. Jo pyar tera hai khoya, lagta hai khud se mila main. (I’m grateful to you for making me lonely. After losing your love, I feel as if I have begun to find myself.)

‘Hum Jee Lenge’ was composed by Roxen (Band) with vocals by Mustafa Zahid, a Pakistani rock artist. The song was released as two versions: an original and Rock Version. The song evokes the hurt and anger at the end of a relationship whilst reflecting the ambivalence of regeneration, heart break, the strength to let go and yet not being able to. The matter of fact tone of ‘Hum Jee Lenge’ emphasizes the pain of a separation. As the powerful vocals contrast with the ambivalent emotions portrayed, the song reflects that heartbreak takes one on an emotive, sometimes conflicting journey.

1. ‘Piya Milenge’ – Raanjhanaa (Director: Anand L. Rai)

Key lyrics: Paake khona, kho ke paana, hota aaya re; Sang saathi saa hai woh toh woh hai saaya re. (Losing after gaining has been a journey from the beginning of time; However He (suggesting God, love, the beloved) always stays with you and can’t be lost, just like a shadow.)

‘Piya Milenge’ (you will get your beloved) is composed by A.R Rahman. With vocals by Sukhwinder Singh and KMMC Sufi Ensemble, this is a powerful Sufi inspired song. Through ‘Piya Milenge’ love becomes divine, suggesting that the beloved is God like. The lyrics entwining Irshad’s stirring verses, religious hymns and Hindustani classical phrases, emphasise that love is at the core of all religions and that religions are one in love.‘Piya Milenge’ evokes a multitude of emotions: hope that you will get your beloved and powerfully, that the love we seek is already inside each one of us. This song successfully touches not just the heart strings but the core, as what is portrayed simultaneously are both the fragility and the strength of a human being as they search for love.

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