REFLECTIONS 2014: Best Choreography of 2014

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Bollywood movies are filled with romance, action, comedy and most importantly dance! Every year we hope to see choreographers getting more creative and innovative with the way they present a song and our stars. A good choreography needs to be entertaining but also convey an emotion that touches the audience right in the heart. Read on to find out which songs were a visual treat or just technically brilliant.

Bismil – Haider

‘Bismil’, a manifestation of the traditional folk dance Dumhal of the Kashmiri valley performed by Wattal tribes, is probably one of the best shot songs of the year. The poetic song was shot at the Sun Temple in Kashmir.

‘Bismil’ comes at a time when Haider is emotionally upset. The emotion of angst had to be conveyed through not only the lyrics but also the choreography. So here we see a totally different Shahid as Haider does not dance like Shahid. He has his own body language, and to accomplish that Norwegian based choreographer Sudesh was hired. He had done an opera with director Vishal Bharadwaj and that sense of grand theatrics came through in the video.

There are also certain elements that complete the whole picture. For instance, the face paint is meant to depict war situations and the madness of Haider is depicted through the pom-poms in his cap. And then there is a unique element of having puppets in the background which is something that has never been shown before. A superb video!

Lovely – Happy New Year

Farah Khan herself choreographed Deepika’s introduction song in Happy New Year. Deepika’s item song has everything you want – from pole dancing to an aerial act to belly dancing. It’s grand, it’s larger-than-life, it has Farah Khan written all over it.

Deepika looks stunning and and completely indulges in this Moulin Rouge bar. The set has a warm color to it which suits the ambiance of the song.

It almost seems like this was an attempt to beat Munni and Sheila and we can definitely say Farah succeeded. Lovely song!

Bol Beliya – Kill/Dil

2014 definitely marked Govinda’s comeback, not only as an actor but also as a dancer. And oh boy, have we missed his dance style! He surprised us with Happy Ending but gave us a real treat with ‘Bol Beliya’.

This song, choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, is definitely different than what we are used to.

The song shows Govinda and Parineeti Chopra dancing to the same song and while Parineeti is all in love, Govinda has a kind of anger to his dance. He shows the great skill of expression and dance. Govinda’s face exactly expresses what his moves demonstrate. And so Govinda proved he remains one of the best dancers in Bollywood.

Bang Bang title track – Tu Meri – Bang Bang

Whenever a Hrithik film is announced fans are eager to know if there is a dance number in the movie because watching Hrithik dance on the big screen is simply magical.  And when you have two of the best and most hardworking dancers as the main leads in your movie, you cannot do without proper dance numbers, right Siddharth Anand? He gave us ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Tu Meri’.

Both songs are all about scale and uniqueness. The soundtrack of Bang Bang has been composed by Vishal-Shekhar and with Hrithik in the lead they knew they had to produce some awesome tracks.

The title track of Bang Bang belongs to the category New Disco. Bosco-Ceaser choreographed the song and put in a small tribute to Michael Jackson. And who better than Hrithik to carry out MJ’s signature steps? One of the unique elements of this song were the slowmotion shots of Hrithik and Katrina in the water. Both actors mesmerized us with their dance and chemistry.

The same goes for ‘Tu Meri’ which is a modern edgy EDM track. The song has amazing energy and is a fresh composition. ‘Tu Meri’ is a real visual treat. Hrithik is unbelievable and has never danced like this before. In the video we see all these dancers dressed up in outfits that match a particular dance style and yet we see them performing the same steps but in their own way, which is quite a unique concept carried out by Bosco-Ceaser.

G Phaad Ke – Happy Ending

When the song G Phaad Ke was announced people were a bit shocked by the title and the way is was presented. Let me elaborate. The G in G Phaad Ke can be interpreted in two ways. For one…G can mean bum. That would make the song sound a bit vulgar. But going by the lyrics and… just some logical thinking… G here is pronounced as Jee which means heart. So you could say Dance Jee Phaad Ke means Dance Freely. And that can be felt through the choreography of the song.

‘G Phaad Ke’ was conceived with only Saif and Ileana in mind, but directors Raj & DK decided it should feature Govinda as well. And with a dancer like that one can go mad!

Remo gave Govinda some of his trademark moves but also mixed it with a few contemporary steps. Govinda completely stole the show and left everyone dazzled. The party song became an instant success and is played regularly at clubs!

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