REFLECTIONS 2014: Best Item Songs of 2014

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Bollywood is quite incomplete without its fair share of Item Numbers every year. The glitz and glamour that’s presented through a dance number is always a treat to watch. In the past, Sheila and Munni sizzled on the screen and ruled the charts. Now, it’s time to check out who topped BollySpice’s list of best item songs in 2014.

5. Awari (Ek Villain)

‘Awari’ is not your quintessential item number. It’s unconventional, emotional and painful. The song unravels a lot of mystery as it paces ahead with the narrative of the story and shows how a woman who is objectified really feels, which is not something we usually see in an item song. Prachi Desai shed her inhibitions to fit the bill of a sensuous bar dancer and portrayed every ounce of emotion with panache!

4. Assalam-E-Ishqum (Gunday)

Priyanka’s cabaret number in Gunday left everyone asking for more. Not only did she scorch the screen with her terrific dancing act but also established the fact that she’s still at the top of her game, no matter how many younglings come and go. The cinematography is stunning, and Bosco-Caeser’s choreography is absolutely top-notch!

3. Baby Doll (Ragini MMS 2)

Love her or hate her but Sunny Leone definitely knows what she’s doing and it’s for everyone to see. It’s quite insane as to how big a craze this song became but it surely is foot-tapping and addictive. Choreographers Uma-Gaiti left no stone unturned to make the song look just as much appealing, so no wonder ‘Baby Doll’ took the nation by storm!

2. Lovely (Happy New Year)

Regardless of how Farah Khan scores as a director, as a choreographer she’s definitely one of the best that B-town has ever produced. ‘Lovely’ has everything that it takes to popularize a dance number – grand sets, amazing choreography and to top it all, Deepika’s sultry looks and killer moves serve like an icing on the cake! This number is too lovely to resist and therefore deserves a spot in our countdown.

1. The Devil Song (Kick)

When “Devil” Salman Khan and “Angel” Nargis Fakhri come together in an unlikely seductive scenario, there has to be a lot of smoke and fire. Ahmed Khan made sure that ‘The Devil Song’, despite not being typical, stood out in the crowd through it’s unusual choreography and scintillating visuals. And hence, it tops our list for all the right reasons.

Special Mentions: Dance Basanti (Ungli) and Manali Trance (The Shaukeens)

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