REFLECTIONS 2014: Best Picturizations of 2014

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It’s not easy to picturize a song in a movie, get the right mood and make sure that it will touch the hearts of the audience, mesmerize them or just simply be mind blowing. Each year the competition get tougher and it makes it that much harder to choose songs and videos that stand out as the best.

BollySpice takes a look at some of the most beautifully picturized songs of the year which stay with you even after the film has ended.

Bhagwan Hai Kahaan Re Tu – PK

Where is God? That’s a question many people, whether they are Hindu, Muslim or Christian, have asked themselves at some point in their lives. Where can they find God and when will He make things better for them and the world?

As we know, there are several religions in the world and all followers believe that the religion they follow is the right path that will lead them to God. The picturization of the song ‘Bhagwaan Hai Kahaan Re Tu’, beautifully sung by Sonu Nigam, from the movie PK shows us all the different ways to pray to God, to seek his blessing.

The way the makers have shown religions, their differences and even some similarities, is amazing. It gives us an objective view on how all religions are being carried out by their followers – where do they pray and how do they pray? All with just a few goals in mind: to attain peace within themselves, to better themselves to be good human beings and to find happiness and shed negativity.

I would say, it shows us there is one God but there are different paths that lead us towards Him.



Sahib – Bhoothnath Returns

Let’s stay with God for a little while longer. I feel, this beautiful song from Bhoothnath Returns has been overlooked. The song comes at a crucial time in the movie when Big B’s character has to make a choice to run for the elections.

Let’s start with the lyrics of the song. These are heart wrenching to say the least. Literally this song, sung by Rituraj, is asking God to keep an eye out on us. Everyone should get His mercy and asks to please take care of everyone. It’s asking to end the differences between humans and to divide this earth equally. Everybody should be able to walk with pride; everyone should have strength to face the day.

And then the makers come up with a video that matches the lyrics perfectly. It basically shows everything that is wrong with, not only India, but the world. Why does poverty, child labour, and slavery still exist? It holds a mirror and shows us the cruelty humans are still spreading around the world. This video brings tears to your eyes and makes you think about everything that is wrong with this world in this day and age.

Manwa Laage – Happy New Year

Many love songs in recent years have received the same sort of treatment. But expect Farah Khan to come up with an innovative and hilarious way to picturize the only love song in her film Happy New Year.

While we drift away with Deepika and her love for Shah Rukh Khan, we can only imagine how much fire there is burning inside of her. Well, guess what, whenever he touches her something literally catches fire in the background! And the rest of the crew is exposed to that and make sure the fire is put out. Eventually, even SRK’s shirt catches fire.

The ending of the song is equally hilarious with the cast standing around them with fire extinguishers… just in case…

Meherbaan – Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif gave us a little example of their chemistry during Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and with Bang Bang it was Bang On!

In ‘Meherbaan’, we see the love develop while they are running away from the bad guys. A beautiful, happy and colorful surrounding shows us the state of mind the characters are in.

The video somewhat reminds of the song ‘Laapata’ from Ek Tha Tiger, but the scenery, the shots and the chemistry between the main leads makes this one of the most beautifully shot videos of the year.

Tu – Bobby Jasoos

This melodious song in the voices of Papon and Shreya Goshal brings you back to the Mughal Era. This soulful rendition, with a classical touch, fills your heart with love and so does the video that goes with it.

‘Tu’ somehow transports one back to the Golden Age of Indian Cinema in which love was depicted most beautifully on screen. Love was the twinkle in the eyes and was shown through the shyness of the leading lady, a role Vidya fulfills so well.

The most attractive part of the video, however, is not the outstanding locations or the lovely chemistry between Vidya and Ali, but the fact that both the main leads are seen in traditional clothing. It’s quite a welcomed change after our eyes are getting too exposed to seeing half-naked individuals dancing on screen.

Not only the song, but also the video gives you a nostalgic feel.

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