REFLECTIONS 2014: Best Tweets of 2014

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2014 has been one wonderful year in Bollywood and our Bollywood stars had shared many things with their fans on Twitter. Let’s take a look at the best tweets of the year!

Anushka Sharma’s open letter

Anushka Sharma decided to use the social network site Twitter to share her open letter about a rumour which was continually circling the web: has Anushka gone under the knife? The answer is clearly no.

This open letter got published just after the actor’s appearance on Koffee With Karan. Many people started tweeting jokes and memes about her lips. The actor explained that the only reason for this was the make-up she’d been using to shoot one of her upcoming movies Bombay Velvet.

We think that the idea of sharing this open letter is pretty courageous for Anushka who could have stayed silent all the way.

Deepika wishes Katrina Kaif on her birthday

These two actresses are known for being “rivals” according to the media. Both of them are contenders for the best movies in the industry and Katrina Kaif is the “alleged” girlfriend of Ranbir Kapoor (Deepika’s ex-boyfriend).

So when Deepika tweeted happy birthday to Katrina, some fans found her gesture really sweet, while some others thought it was just a PR stunt and useless since Katrina isn’t on Twitter. What do you think?

Deepika and the cleavage picture

On a Sunday morning, the newspaper Times of India published a picture of Deepika’s cleavage and the actress was quick to show her dissatisfaction by taking to Twitter. This is something quite unexpected because articles of such nature are not new but nobody really bothers addressing the issues head on like Deepika did with her tweet.

The industry showed its full support to Deepika and applauded her action. Meanwhile, the Times of India kept making it worse instead of apologizing to the actress right away.

Karan Singh Grover announces his divorce

Karan Singh Grover, whose first movie Alone alongside Bipasha Basu is coming out this month, is one of the most popular actors on TV. Two of his previous Hindi TV Soaps “Dill Mill Gayye” and “Qubool Hai” became popular mainly because of his charm and extended fandom.

He married his co-star in “Dill Mill Gayye”, Jennifer Winget, in 2012. This news made many fans happy because Karan & Jennifer were the famous Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima on the show, and their chemistry was just beyond perfect. The couple used to display their love in the interviews they would do together and happily answer questions regarding their likes and dislikes as husband and wife. One could see they were truly in love.

Rumors about their separations kept going around but Jennifer had denied them once on Twitter. However, a few days after joining Twitter in December, Karan Singh Grover made an official statement saying that they were getting divorced. His statement came as a shock for all the fans who just couldn’t believe the news.

The actor asked for privacy and said in many interviews that he wasn’t ready for a new relationship.

Salman Khan says Happy New Year‘s trailer is kickass

Salman Khan had a big release last summer, the movie Kick which is among the biggest blockbusters of 2014. The actor didn’t let success go to his head and actually tweeted about the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Happy New Year. The fact that Salman showed his support towards Shah Rukh made the Cold War between their own fans less. People started to understand that there is no hate between them and actually a couple of weeks after this tweet, the two officially patched up at Salman’s sister wedding.

Priyanka Chopra impresses India’s PM Modi

Priyanka Chopra, who had a wonderful year with the success of her movie Mary Kom, impressed India’s PM, Narendra Modi, after taking his challenge to clean Mumbai to show a good example.

A video was shot showing Priyanka cleaning up a part of the city of Mumbai along with her team and encouraged the local people to carry on.

The actor always makes her best to take part in the opportunities given to improve people’s lives in India. She is UNICEF’s ambassador, she takes part to many charities and she never misses the NDTV’s Greenathon. She knows that she is a public figure whose voice is a very powerful influence for the youngsters.

Dia Mirza Mirza ties the knot!

Here is an event which must have broken many men’s heart!
The beautiful Dia Mirza, who charmed Bollywood with her beautiful smile and her sweetness in Rehna Hai Tere Dill Mein, gave her heart to her long-time beau in October.

The two met 5 years ago at a script narration. The movie didn’t happen but this was definitely the beginning of a wonderful love story which took a new level when Sahil proposed Dia on the Brooklyn Bridge in NY in early 2014.

The wedding was celebrated in Delhi where Dia invited people like Sushmita Sen, Rajkumar Hirani.

Dia made her special moment even more special by sharing it with her fans worldwide on Twitter

Genelia D’souza & Riteish Deshmukh welcome their first child

Genelia D’souza and Riteish Deshmukh, one of the cutest couples in Bollywood, welcomed their first child on November 25, 2014.

They have been really discreet and they still haven’t shown a proper picture of their precious baby’s face, but they made sure to share their happiness as parents.

The baby’s name is Riaan Ritesh Deshmukh and just one month after his birth day, on Christmas, his lovely mom Genelia D’souza shared her joy with her fans by tweeting an adorable picture of her little Santa Claus.

We also have to list:
The Best Bollywood stars on Twitter

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun joined Twitter pretty late but the wait was definitely worth it. The actor always teases his colleagues, much to the fans’ delight. No need to mention the crazy moments with Ranveer Singh, also known as his “Baba”, he even shared some pics of their trip to Romania to shoot for an AD.

The actor loves seeing what his fans make for him and he continues to tweet more and more.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is as entertaining as Arjun, but let’s be honest, the best moments of his are definitely the tweets he sent to Arjun. The actor uses Twitter as a medium to share mainly his thoughts and works. He started doing live chats and also likes surprising his fans by dropping direct messages to them.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is even a legend on Twitter because he always manages to stay active despite his busy schedules. He chats with his fans everyday despite the huge amount of followers he has. What makes Amitabh Bachchan special is the fact that he just tweets what he thinks, instead of constantly promoting his movies. It just feels like you’re reading a diary, a very beautiful one.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, who is among the first stars to join Twitter, is always so active on Twitter. She likes sharing her quotes and the pictures she takes wherever she goes.

She never gets tired of saying that her “PCManiacs”, the name given to her fandom (or if you’re lucky enough “her rockstars”), are everything to her. To end this year on a good note, she even replied to a pretty lovely message sent by a fan.

Shah Rukh Khan

He is definitely one of the best celebrities on Twitter. The actor joined Twitter 5 years ago and over time he learnt how to handle his account in the best way possible.

At the beginning, King Khan wasn’t sure if replying to his fans was the best idea because he didn’t want to hurt any of them.

We all know that Shah Rukh is very sentive so couldn’t stand the negative people on the social network and he decided to take a break.

He came back after some time and he understood that the love from the fans was so much more powerful than the negativity.

Nowadays, Shah Rukh is much more opened on the social media site. He always tweets his deep thoughts and he even started replying to his fans. Shah doesn’t seem quite different from the one you see on TV, he is as funny, naughty and gently as you could imagine. Regarding the haters, he sometimes tweet them back with a hint of irony.

In 2014, he chose to unveil his son, AbRam, first official picture on Twitter as a surprise to his followers, even though we know that Shah Rukh has always been very protective towards his family’s privacy.

This is why we love him, he never stops surprising us!

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