Rewind your Life this Diwali: Action Replayy

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Prepare for a nostalgic journey back in time to the sassy 70’s of Mumbai in its full technicolor glory, as Action Replayy serves up a healthy dose of masala movie magic for the festive season. Inspired by the seminal classics of the time, the movie masterpiece-to-be will appeal to the full spectrum of cinemagoers: youngsters will find it fascinating, couples will be inspired, and elders will watch with a twinkle in their eyes. The perfect gift this Diwali, Action Replayy encapsulates the evergreen mood of 70″s Bollywood and the “the spirit of the age” – the innocence of romance, the unforgettable love songs, stolen kisses behind the rose bushes, the sacredness of marriage, the bouffant and bell bottoms, and legendary fight scenes that defied the laws of gravity. Vipul Shah pays every attention to detail in the perfect rendition of a 70’s set and atmosphere, recapturing its magic on screen.

Action Replayy is complemented by an invigorating and chart-topping musical score by Pritam, featuring an unforgettable ensemble of songs spanning disco and classic retro to bewitching romance and Holi party numbers.


Bunty loves his girlfriend Tanya, but runs a mile whenever she mentions marriage. His phobia with matrimony stems from his parents Kishen and Mala’s acrimonious marriage.

But now Bunty is in a fix. Tanya’s grandfather, Professor Anthony Gonsalves, as given him an ultimatum – get married to Tanya or stop seeing her. Bunty knows that unless he does something fast, his dreams of living happily ever after with Tanya will bite the dust.

As Bunty’s surprise party for his parents 35th wedding anniversary deteriorates into yet another explosive fight between Kishen and Mala; he decides to turn back the clock and rewrite Kishen and Mala’s destiny and alter their disastrous arranged marriage into a romantic affair of the hearts.

And how does he do that? By stealing the professor’s time machine to travel back in time! To a time when Kishen and Mala were not married…To a time when Kishen’s father Rai Bahadur and Mala’s mother, Boli Devi were sworn enemies…To a time when his father Kishen was certified nerd, bullied merciless by his father…To a time when his tomboyish mother couldn’t stand the sight of his father and took great pleasure in ragging him silly…

Bunty has his work cut out for him. He has to transform his father from a wimp into an eligible bachelor and his mother from a tomboy into the epitome of feminine grace. Then he has to attempt an impossible task – make them fall in love with each other.

And finally – he has to make his grandparents agree to their love marriage! Because until and unless he does this, his own love story with Tanya will never have a happy ending…

Get ready to ride back in time to the psychedelic 70’s this Diwali, because ‘Action Replayy’ releases in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 5th November 2010. Also stay tuned because we have interviews with Akshay Kumar and director Vipul Shah coming up soon!

Check out these cool stills and some scenes from the set!

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