The Rice Bucket Challenge made in India!

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Inspired by the famous Ice Bucket Challenge which made the buzz worldwide, here is a new challenge but with a different purpose!

The concept of the “Rice Bucket Challenge” which is to help some people by giving them rice was started by a woman in Hyderabad. The brilliant idea was then followed by a group of youngsters, from the same city, who had decided to spread the word about it.

Taking part to this challenge is quite simple. Firstly, prepare as many bowls of rice as you wish and give them away to someone in need. Then, click a picture with them to spread the word on social networks and show that you’ve been a part of such an amazing challenge. Lastly, just nominate whoever you want in order to keep the challenge going .

Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt are the two first big Bollywood names decided to show their support to this great cause.

We hope that many Bollywood stars will follow this fun challenge and be as generous as they were for the Ice Bucket Challenge!


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