Rituparna Sengupta and SRK

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Rituparna Sengupta has been making a film called SRK, but, no, it doesn’t star THE SRK. Warner Bros, the producers of the movie are keeping very quiet about its content. Rituparna is also planning a movie called Dard-E-Disco, another interesting link with the master himself. Another project of interest is Trishna, a Bengali movie that is a remake of the Bipasha Basu femme fatale movie Jism. “My fans will find me in a completely new avatar with curled hair, smoky eyes and skimpy clothes,” she says. “I’m sure this film is going to set a new trend in the Bengali film industry. My character Piyasha is one synonymous with desire. For the first time you will find me doing lots of skin show. But I have not done anything beyond my comfort level.”

The elegant Bengali actress has a string of interesting movies behind her, including Attiya Sajan, Gauri, Chander Bari and Anuranan. She is very closely involved in thalassaemia charities and succeeded in persuading SRK to visit a children’s thalassaemia clinic after she had been with him to see a Kolkata Knights match in the IPL. Thalassaemia is a very rare blood disease.

What does Rituparna feel makes Bengali actresses so special? “That’s a good question,” she says. “Bengali women are always very attractive because they have a cultural background. They have an artistic bent of mind. When they come before the camera, it shows. It’s in their blood – they carry themselves so well.”

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