Riya Sen sick in Shimla

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Riya Sen was recently taken sick with diarrhea and vomiting when attempting to visit the hill fort at Shimla. She was hoping to play the tourist after twelve days shooting on her new movie Jennifer but was overcome by illness and returned to Delhi. She is now said to be recuperating.

Jennifer is a supernatural thriller where Riya and newcomer Eddie Seth team up in Goa and begin to experience a slew of inexplicable murders. “I am very excited about this project and I am looking forward to the final outcome,” said Eddie, “Based on the narration given to me, it has chilled me to the bones.”

Riya also has a significant role in the recently-released Love Khichdi. “I play the schoolgirl next door,” she says, “who is the only one Randeep Hooda does not have an eye on, among the eight girls featured in the film.” In addition, she is working on the film Benny and Babloo.

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