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There are very few movies that manage to carry an immense burden of expectations with panache. Rock On!! is one of those rare films. It is possibly the most impressive film of the year, which excels in every department possible. Analyzing such a film is possibly an even bigger responsibility, so with this responsibility on my shoulders please forgive me if I am not as flawless in pulling this task off as director Abhishek Kapoor and his team have been.

Abhishek Kapoor is one of those few makers who has understood some of the most crucial aspects of filmmaking. He knows that a director’s job is to lead his audiences through a journey, because only then does a movie reach its full potential. To witness the movie exactly the way the director visualized it is essential. This is possibly the biggest and most important triumph in Rock On!! that makes it a rocking experience all around!

Rock On!! is India’s first rock movie and it brings together perhaps the most unconventional cast of the century! Director turned actor Farhan Akhtar plays Aditya Shroff, the lead singer of ‘Magik’. Other band members include Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal) as the lead guitarist, KD (Purab Kohli) who is the lead drummer and last but not the least Rob (Luke Kenny) on the keyboard. They are four close friends who share their love, passion and addiction to music. Rock On!! is their journey that follows their rebellious age when they were consumed by music to a future in which they all lead lives full of compromise. Neither the end result nor the beginning of the story is of particular importance, but it’s the paths taken and events that occur in between that form the crux of Rock On!!.

This piece of cinema contains beauty in many forms and one is that despite having an unconventional script, it doesn’t require extra intelligence for understanding. Even though there is a constant shift between the past and the present, the screenplay has been arranged in such a manner that the past and present intertwine beautifully without any confusion, answering questions before they even form in the minds of the audiences and leaving no room for loopholes. Secondly, the characters and events are so realistic that one doesn’t question the characters’ actions. It’s almost as if you know exactly what is going through their minds because the characterizations are sketched in such a flawless manner. Thirdly, emotional events that would normally be stretched to a good thirty minutes in a Hindi film are far more concise, taking up only ten minutes. This is because realistically this would be the case with such characters. This is in particular reference to the climax and the interval portion, especially the sequence in which Joe and Aditya meet after ten years and the sequences between Aditya and his wife, played by Prachi Desai. Such scenes in Indian cinema would have normally demanded more dialogues, far more tears and dramatic background scores thumping in your ears. However, none of that is found in Rock On!!. These sequences are simple, sweet and still manage to strike a chord emotionally. Lastly and most importantly, the performances are what complete this beautiful motion picture.

It’s difficult to begin because they are all equally phenomenal! We’ll start with the newcomer and perhaps the actor whom most audiences are eager to assess; Farhan Akhtar. Let’s just say that calling him a newcomer seems like a joke after witnessing this performance. He’s an absolute natural and becomes one with the character and excels in each and every type of scene. After watching him, you just can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next! Perhaps the most impressive part about Farhan’s performance would have to be his confidence on screen which is undying throughout the movie. Deciding whether to look forward to his directorial ventures more or his acting ventures will definitely prove to be a challenge for fans.

Arjun Rampal has undoubtedly delivered his career’s best performance. When audiences saw Om Shanti Om, they were confident that he could do no better, but Arjun Rampal has much more to showcase than the villainous Mukesh. The actor excels yet again with this film and certainly proves that his years of hard work and struggle have finally paid off. We’re looking forward to seeing what he’s got in store for us next, considering that he’s improving drastically with each release.

Another flawless performance is delivered by Luke Kenny, who looks the part and impresses in all areas. Purab Kohli is possible the most lovable character of the film and you simply adore him by the time you walk out of the cinema. The actor is impressive throughout, particularly in the pre-climax portions and comic sequences. Prachi Desai makes you wonder why you haven’t seen her on screen earlier, despite the fact that this talent has been gracing the small screen for years! She’s an absolute pleasure to witness on screen and shares perfect chemistry with Farhan. Shahana Goswami is the surprise package of the movie and really stands out in her role. Koel Puri is also a delight.

The music, as you all know, is absolutely rocking and beautifully incorporated in the movie without breaking the speed or stealing the attention. Dialogues by Farhan himself are extremely realistic and have a natural blend of Hindi and English. Cinematography by Jason is also top notch and really does impress and provides something unique, like the movie requires.

So what should you expect when you walk into your nearest cinema hall to catch this brilliant film? Expect the most satisfying and phenomenal film of the year, and expect to be blown away by the perfection that lies before you. Also, don’t forget to cherish the moment as any regular movie-goer will tell you that such an experience is an absolute rarity! Rocking all the way!

Our Rating

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