Rock On!!’s Music Rocks Internationally

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Rock On!! is not only taking India’s music chart by storm, where it is now number 1, it is also making waves on the international charts. In fact it is listed at number 13 on iTunes US World music page!

CEO of Big Music and Home Entertainment Kulmeet Makkar said in an interview with IANS, “The music of Rock On is catching on very well. This is the first time an Indian album has reached so high on iTunes.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, the film Rock On!! stars Farhan Akthar, Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny and Purab Kohli as the band Magik. The music was composed by the master trio of Shankar-Eshaan-Loy and features Farhan singing all the band’s tracks. “Farhan’s voice is exceptional and added a lot of authenticity to the songs as he plays a singer in the film. It also makes people feel that even though you may not be a professional singer, you can also sing. Farhan has added honesty to the songs.”

Makkar went on to say, “iTunes is the number one site for music download abroad and we are very proud that Rock On has made it till there. The fact that the music has been accepted abroad and is doing well is a major boost for us.”

A brilliant album for a brilliant film, both have garnered praise from fans and critics a like. Rock On!! also stars Prachi Desai and Shahana Goswami and is in theaters now so be sure to check it out!

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