Rockstar Press Meet in London

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Eros International plc, a leading global company in Indian filmed entertainment invited us to a press conference with Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri and the talented Imtiaz Ali at their International headquarters in London for their much awaited film “ROCKSTAR” releasing in cinemas worldwide on 11.11.11

The Rockstar team arrived in London on Sunday and went straight to promoting the film at Cineworld in Feltham where Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri interacted with UK fans for the first time. Imtiaz Ali, who also promoted his last directorial venture Love Aaj Kal in London was present too and joined his leading cast as they sold tickets for their film to their fans in west London.

Imtiaz Ali, Nargis and Ranbir spent their morning on Monday at the BBC where they did many live interviews and as Ranbir said, he was happy to put a face to his voice, as he had never been here in London to promote a film and usually did interviews with the UK media over the phone. Team Rockstar then went to London’s most famous attraction, the London Eye, where they filmed a special interview for a TV channel and Eros International’s YouTube channel.

BollySpice got the chance to interact with the trio later that day and the producer of Rockstar, Hiren Gandhi (Shree Ashtavinayak) was present too. Before the press conference, the present media watched the full songs of the film and the first thing Imtiaz Ali asked us was to give him feedback as we were the only ones who saw unreleased footage from the film.

Check out excerpts from the Rockstar London Press Conference:

What has happened with the Censor board asking you to delete or blur the Tibet Flag from the song ‘Sadda Haq’?
Imtiaz: The censor board has not asked us to delete or blur the flag etc. They just wanted us to be consistent with the position of India on Tibet, which is that they support the autonomy of Tibet but freedom of country is a political matter and we are not specialists on that.

How was your experience working with Ranbir?
I must say that when the first draft was written, it’s not that the final copy of the film is exactly that. It is after the inclusion of Ranbir in the project and Nargis that it started going through drafts and redrafts. It became an organic story where Ranbir, A.R. Rahman and Nargis were involved, especially Ranbir because he was involved in his look, costume and everything else.

How different is it to be working in Bollywood now as you have been a model in the past?
You go from Bikinis and smiling on beaches to suffering (laughs) and emotional drama caused by this man (pointing at Imtiaz). I had to let go and trust Imtiaz a lot, which I guess in regular life we don’t do. We are afraid to trust and let go but I had to do all of that and that was the biggest challenge, letting him mould me into his character.

Will you be working in more Bollywood films now?
I don’t know if I have ever told anyone but before I started this I was at a point where I did not like modelling anymore. It felt empty and shallow. I am an artist at heart, I sketch, paint and sculp. As a model I couldn’t do all that because you are just that blank canvas. I would like to continue with films and see what comes to me. Now for me this was a miracle and was really though. It was all worth it and I would like to work more. I’ll stick around.

How was your experience working with Ranbir?
It was really easy and he is really great. He is so real which helped me become real and that helps because then you live off each other’s energy.

What are the pitfalls of fame?
There are no pitfalls. I have been in this industry for years now and I am seven films old. I am really grateful to what I have got. I have more than I deserve and I am really happy that I got an opportunity to work with Imitaz and to play such a character in such an engaging film. I am really looking forward to the audience coming into the theatre on Friday.

I love what I do. Nothing bothers me and it’s not like my private life or personal life has not been sacrificed but that’s a little price you pay. You get so much love that it’s amazing.

What is Rockstar about?
It’s primarily a love story, two people’s journey, when they meet in college and they are really young and it spans over seven years. Whatever happens in the film is related to the love story between Janardan and Heer.

Where did you get your inspiration for Rockstar?
All of us go through that period when we are like wannabe musicians and want to play the guitar and become the westernised rock star. I have hung around a lot these people in college etc. But also the thought, that my life is very ordinary and that there is absolutely no tragedy in it used to disturb me. Most of these big musicians and artists have a tragedy in their life. So will I ever make it if my life is so ordinary? That’s a thought that comes to young people when they grow up but apart from that I have not drawn on personal experiences to write the story. I really don’t know why I wrote this story.

How your experience working with Nargis ?
Everything we wanted for the role matched with her. The smell, the texture of the soul and everything else matched. I think I am very lucky to have met Nargis and have her in my film. Ranbir and I were very nervous and anxious about two things in this film; who does the music and who plays the female lead. The luckiest break in this movie has been to have found Nargis.

Ranbir: I must add that while we were shooting in Prague we all three used to walk on the streets and when Nargis was ahead of us and if there were a bunch of men passing by, when the men used to turn around and check her out we were like congratulating each other (laughs).

Nargis: (laughs) I did not know about this. I was oblivious to just taking in the scenery of Prague while they were shaking hands behind my back.

How was it working on the music of the film?
It took around two years and was still going on during the release of the film. I personally enjoy doing the music of a film a lot. It is one of the benefits of being a film director that you can work on the music. This time because it was A.R Rahman, and he is the most open person I have ever met. I have spent more time at this studio than at my home in the last two years. It was thrilling and soul searching to be involved in the music. Ranbir was also there at all recordings and I am sure it has enriched him as a human being as well.

ROCKSTAR a film by Imtiaz Ali, releases in the UK and worldwide through Eros International on 11.11.11

Check out some exclusive shot from the event!

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