Rohit Roy pinches Dia’s butt?!

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What is this that a little birdie has told us? Apparently on the sets of Alibaug, Rohit Roy (Shootout at Lokhandwala, Delhii Heights) had the nerve to pinch Dia Mirza’s bottom inside a hotel swimming pool.

Yes, you are not mistaken. I said bottom. As in butt. As in *bleep*. There are various versions of the story, but the most rampant claims that at the Hotel Taj Village in Goa, Dia had gone to the pool for a swim. Rohit decided to join her and as she was getting out he quickly pinched her butt. Just like that–pinched her butt.

Shocked, Dia simply ran away almost in tears. After he pretended like he had done nothing, Dia demanded an apology to which Rohit refused. He has also denied the whole incident. Smart girl that she is, she reportedly threatened to reveal all to Rohit’s wife and the press if he didn’t apologize.

She has made a statement saying, “All I can say is that such issues need to be handled with maturity.”

Similarly, Rohit has stated, “Misunderstandings happen on every set, but there is no truth in that I pinched her. No one asked me to apologise and if Dia were unhappy she would have told me and there is no issue whatsoever.”

Well, that clears it up…or does it? You know these filmy people, sometimes you have to read in between the lines.

Whether it’s true or not, it definitely makes for some entertaining reading!

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