Rokkk May Rock You!

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Upping the ante on Ram Gopal Verma, the makers of the horror movie Rokkk have promised to keep ambulances on standby outside cinemas where the movie’s being shown. “We held a screening of the film and some people with heart problems fell ill,” says producer Krishan Chaudhary, “We are advising people not to watch it alone, as heart rate and blood pressure might increase. So we are planning to have ambulances outside the movie halls just in case.”

The film stars screen delights Tanushree Dutta and Udita Goswami as two sisters trapped by a curse in a haunted house. Making the movie has altered Tanushree’s views on ghosts. “I have never really believed in ghosts, but, yes, after the movie, which was made after a lot of research on the subject, I believe that wrong things happen and that there are bad souls around,” she says.

Udita Goswami is hoping the movie will help her to change her screen image. “I hope the viewers recognise the actress within me and not take me merely as a glamorous doll who knows only to kiss,” she says, “This film has not a single kissing scene and none of glamour. You get to see my acting skills only.”

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