Roosevelt Island Park

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Looking for a cheap yet beautiful place to take your girl out? . . . Then look no further because I’m here to fulfil your wishes! . . . Wow! Was that not a corny line or what? But I just couldn’t figure out how else to introduce this park. The phrase “cheap yet beautiful” is barely EVER put together to describe anything because in our time you can never find anything gorgeous without an equally “gorgeous” price tag, what can I say, its just the reality of things. But Roosevelt Island Park is definitely the PERFECT place to have a date. Entrance to the park is completely free, there is even a parking lot, all you have to do is bring your own food for picnics and don’t forget to clean up afterwards. It’s located along the border of Queens and Manhattan in New York City not far from the train station. Anyone can easily take the F train to the Roosevelt Island Park and if you get lost, just ask around because the people around there are quite nice. It’s honestly VERY romantic because of its neat hills of grass and beautiful view of both Queens and Manhattan. Its quiet, clean and definitely a safe place to visit. The park consists of just grassy hills, separated by pathways that travel all around the park and some shady trees to sit under. There is also an area with some picnic tables and some private booth type tables that are facing the Manhattan side of the park. Not to forget the huge lighthouse at the peak of the park. It is quite old but then again I hear that vintage is in. The pathways traveling all around the park give you a different view of some of the bridges and buildings of Manhattan.

I say different because it isn’t the typical view of Manhattan seen in the postcards but still beautiful none the less. It’s such a simple park yet there is so much to do. You can go fishing , have a family picnic, have a date, go biking around the park or just walk around to take in the peaceful essence of the park. The best part is the absolutely PERFECT sunset. The entire park seems so serene, and the view just cant be described in words.

Roosevelt Island is a family secret of mine, my entire excessively loud Bengali family goes there for our family picnics at least 3 or 4 times a year in the summer time. I have quite a young family so if you happen to bump into a large loud group of Bengali looking people with about 20 or so pre-teens and toddlers trailing after, don’t be shy about saying hi!

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