‘Saawariya’s been the most out of control, brilliant experience for me’ – Ranbir Kapoor

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In no other entertainment industry of the world, has there been a prevalence of a five generation actor dynasty. It is a phenomenon only unique to Bollywood, where a certain film ancestry, with deep roots in Peshawar, has reigned for over half a century. A film family that has produced artistes that will go down in Indian history as actors not only genetically gifted with an unparalleled acting talent, but also blessed with charismatic and scintillating screen presence. If you are an Indian film fan, you have to have a favorite Kapoor. And that is why, each one of us Bollywoodian, will have a reason to rejoice and celebrate in the year 2007. It is the year where yet another Kapoor scion will make his debut appearance on cinematic screens all over the world. Yes, we regard it as an accomplishment for the kapoors, but more than that, it’s a triumph for every Kapoor fan alive. Ranbir Kapoor, named after his legendary grandfather, is going to have a Bollywood entry like no other. He is by far the most anticipated star offspring in the making. He has the genetic advantage, the exceptional good looks, the enigmatically gripping personality and a line of producers ravenous to sign him on the spot. While the world awaits his entrance with excruciating eagerness and anxiety, Ranbir Kapoor Fanclub bring his first ever interview to his fans.

How would you describe yourself as an actor?

I really don’t have a clue. I’m a bit too raw and new to judge myself as an actor yet. And frankly whenever I see the rushes of the film, I cringe. I think I’m a bit too critical about myself. Yeah, I do love the process of acting. It’s what I love the most. When Saawariya releases, maybe you can answer this question for me.

Kapoors and films go together, but being a fifth generation Kapoor surely has it’s baggage of names to live up to, don’t u feel afraid?

More than being afraid, I think I’m really blessed with the fact that I was born in this family. I’ve grown up around films. That’s all we talk about. We truly eat, sleep, drink, and breathe films. Nothing else. And, I guess I also feel more responsible because of the so called ‘baggage’. Failure and mediocrity is something I’m more afraid of.

Do your parents actively advise you on acting?

My parents are quite like any normal parent. They are more anxious and nervous than me. It’s quite funny actually because whenever I commence a schedule, my parents are constantly on the edge and always offering some kind of prayer or something. I don’t go to them for advice. Not done it yet. I should, I know. But I think they unconsciously give it to me anyways without me asking for it.

Who do you idolize apart from your parents?

I idolize only one person. That is Mr. Raj Kapoor.

How did you feel giving your first shot for the film – happy, nervous, ecstatic, wanted to hide somewhere?

My first shot. I was quite confident actually. I’ve been working with Mr.Sanjay Bhansali for two years (I was an assistant director on Black) and we share quite a good rapport with each other. So he made it really nice and easy for me. And honestly, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. It’s the initial ten seconds before the 1st shot. I guess it’s also because people hype it up so much; you just have to be nervous. But after the ten seconds of sweating under your clothes, it becomes like any other job. Just a little glamorous.

How is your movie shaping up, and it’s going to release in Diwali 2007, that’s such a long wait?

It’s been the most out of control, brilliant experience for me. I have lived as Saawariya for nearly 2 years of my life and if I may say so, I don’t think I would get a better character to play for the next ten years of my acting career(I hope I last that long). We are sixty percent done. Will wrap up shooting end June. And the release, if all goes as planned, will be on the 9th of Nov. It’s a long time from now, but I assure you, the movie will be worth the wait.

And all your fans want to know some of your favs:

Actor: Rishi Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna

Actress: Kajol

Movie: Shree 420, Life is Beautiful

Parent (yes you have to choose): Haha.. Mom I guess…

Book: Songs My Mother Taught Me by Marlon Brando. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Cuisine: Italian, Chinese and ghar ka khaana.

Which other movies are in the offing apart from Saawariya, we heard you signed up a three-film contract with YRF, is it true?

The news about the deal with Yashraj is absolutely false. I’m in no hurry to sign anything as of now. Don’t want to get distracted from Saawariya as yet. I do hear a lot of scripts, but nothing has excited me so far.

Any message for your fans?

I want to thank you once again for all the love and support. It’s truly encouraging. It makes me more responsible towards you guys. Hope this love stays forever…

With humility, humbleness and a sensible attitude towards the hype surrounding him, this Kapoor descendent is all set to make his father and forefathers proud. Cheers are still heard for Raj Kapoor in the streets of Egypt, China and Russia. And now Ranbir is here to carry the RK legacy forward and his fanclub hopes that his fame and acting/directing prowess be unparalleled in the film arena. We wait with bated breath for Saawariya to scorch screens all over the world. Till then, we will continue to pray that Rishi and Neetu’s son does justice to that ever eternal lyric coined for the Kapoors, “Jeena yahan, marna yahan, iskey siwa jana kahan”

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