Saawariya’s music a year in the making

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Saawariya’s incredible soundtrack, that released last week, is certainly making its mark on the music world. It has gotten great reviews and many fans say it is the best soundtrack to come in a while. Director Bhansali and music director Monty Sharma really strived for and worked hard to make sure it was perfect. In fact, they worked together for more than a year to make sure it was the best it could possibly be. Each melody, each song, each arrangement and all of the eleven singers were picked with special care.

A source close the to film said, “Though the music of Bhansali’s films has always been a predominant motif, never has so much stress been there on putting across the drama and emotions of the script through song. There are love songs, mujras, a qawwalli… it’s Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most ambitious score ever.”

Now the team has turned their eyes, their pens and their music sheets to scoring the background music. There were reports brewing that Sharma was having difficulty with the background score. However, the source denied this saying, “Where’s the question of Monty being pressurised by the director to scrap and re-do the background music, when in fact Monty began composing the background score of Saawariya just recently?” There is a plan to release an album of the background music after the film premieres.

The soundtrack had a smash debut on the charts and we cannot wait to see where the songs, we are humming non stop, fit into this highly anticipated movie.

Just as a little extra tidbit, recently Anil Kapoor said in article about Sonam, “I’ve seen parts of the film and it’s spectacular. Sanjay’s presentation is world class. It’s a dream debut for any actor.”

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