Saawariya’s trailers and music already a hit

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One of the most highly anticipated movies coming to a theater near you is Sanjay Lee Bhansali’s Saawariya. The trailers have already entranced fans all over the world and with the release of the music it is sure to get even more buzz and have even higher expectations than it all ready does a month and half before its release.

However these great expectations are a bit worrying to the filmmaker, he is happy of course but a bit scared to. “I’m overwhelmed! I’m now growing aware of how much people expect from Saawariya. Just a one-minute-30-second trailer has evoked tremendous reactions,” said Sanjay.

When told that just seeing the 1st teaser trailer people were comparing his film to Raj Kapoor’s Awara, Kieslowski’s Blue, Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge and Tim Robbins’ Batman Sanjay responded: “These are among my favourite filmmakers; people I’ve learnt the craft from and I think I’ve a long way to go before I reach their standards. If my work shows glimpses of these stalwarts, then I feel somewhere I’ve succeeded in doing what I set out to achieve. Nevertheless, the expectations scare me.”

About his two newcomers Sanjay said, “People find Sonam beautiful. Sonam is a vintage combination of Waheeda Rehmanji and Rekhaji. She has that poetic quality. Ranbir brings the best of his grandfather and his father in his personality. Audiences of all ages have warmed up to the two of them, although they neither act nor dress like the average metro-centric dude, and although we haven’t shown their faces in the trailer.”

As Bhansali said, in the first trailer no face was shown, but now with the second trailer the beauty of Sonam and Ranbir’s great screen presence are there for everyone to see and we are even more intrigued.

Bhansali said that this movie is for everyone, “Firstly, the youngsters who want to see Ranbir and Sonam. Then I think the whole audience that still swears by the cinema of Raj Kapoor and also the whole generation that grooves to Rishi Kapoor’s image. They’ll identify with Ranbir. Then there’s Sonam whose father has been a star for decades. We can’t deny the sheer strength and appeal of the two newcomers’ lineage. I just hope we’re able to live up to all the expectations.”

Now the music has released and it too is creating a stir. (See our exclusive review) A newcomer Monty Sharma has composed the music for the film. Sharma said, “It’s absolutely an honour to work with Sanjayji and make my debut in a project as big as this. Sanjayji seeks perfection and I seek to do the extraordinary. That makes our destination the same, so the end result is magical. I am absolutely sure that the score of Saawariya will do very well, be it among the masses or the classes.”

Sahil Hada one of the voices on the soundtrack said, “It’s my dream come true and I am very happy that my playback singing career has started with Sanjayji. I have also been Sonam’s and Ranbir’s music teacher so I knew that my voice would suit Ranbir’s.”

With lyrics by well-known scribe Sameer it is proving to be one of THE soundtracks of the year and is ratcheting up the expectations even higher for the film. Sameer was very glad to work on the album and glad for another reason as well. “I am very happy that I worked with Ranbir too. I had told Rishi that I wanted to work with his son when he entered the industry and today, I have. Ranbir will be India’s number one star soon.”

Listening to the music of this album one cannot wait to see what the scene will reveal that goes along with the song. Though we have had a glimpse it still was not enough. The look of the trailers and the coloring of the film all seem to center around the color blue. Sanjay says, “Blue and green are the chosen colours of Saawariya. My brief to my cinematographer Ravi K. Chandran was to give a surreal romantic interpretation to night time. Most of the film is shot in the misty night light all created in the studio. Yes it’s got a lot of night time romance to it. A lot of the surreal feeling also comes from Omang Kumar’s art direction.”

We cannot wait to see the whole of this gorgeous film and experience it is all its glory. November 9th is still to far away to suit us!

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