Sachiin Kickstarts the New Year With King Khan!

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The New Year is a time to make new friends. But it’s also a time to remember the old ones. And Sachiin Joshi doesn’t forget. Smiling and sharing a laugh with King Khan himself as he looks out through his villa at the Palm Jumeirah, Sachiin Joshi couldn’t have predicted a better start to 2012.

The JMJ Vice-chairman has been in Dubai for a while now, preparing for the Celebrity Champions League, which starts a little later this month. He is set to play for the Mumbai Heroes, which is captained by Sohail Khan. As expected, that has got the rumor mills moving with sources from the industry suggesting that Sachiin is getting closer to Salman Khan, who is also a part of his brother’s team.It seemed that Sachiin had left his friendship with the Don 2 star behind in the hope of getting on good terms with Mr. Dabangg himself. However Sachiin put all those rumors to rest by celebrating New Years with none other than SRK himself.

Sachiin and Shahrukh have known each other for years now, so much that Shahrukh even introduced the Aazaan star at IIFA after the film was showcased at Cannes, a gesture Sachiin understands and appreciates. While it was unexpected that the duo would run into each other for New Years, they both couldn’t be happier to ring in 2012 together. Earlier in the day, they enjoyed a game of football together and later watched the mesmerizing fireworks light up the Dubai skyline.

Sachiin himself has reiterated the fact that playing for Sohail Khan’s Mumbai Heroes wont change anything between him and SRK. He understands the importance of friendship in Bollywood’s fickle world. So no matter which team he plays on, he is intent on making sure that the people who mean something to him are not left behind.

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