Sadaa Sayed looks set to Click

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Click is gearing itself up to be the must-see horror movie of the month with it’s intriguing cast of Shreyas Talpade, Sneha Ullal, making her return to Bollywood, and southern hottie Sadaa Sayed making her Bollywood debut. “I play a fashion model that is photographed by Shreyas. I have a pretty glamorous avatar in the first half of the romantic horror,” she says.

Together with co-star Sneha Ullal, Sada recently attended a horror party with wax statues of vampires, ghosts and witches thrown by Satish and Tanaz Reddy’s horror entertainment zone. It didn’t faze Sneha as much as making the movie did, however. “I was not scared exactly but sometimes the shoot used to remain in my mind and because of that I couldn’t sleep,” she explains, “And while shooting in the night, it was so chilly that we just couldn’t bear the cold so our producer used to give us rum and brandy as a medicine.” (That always works as medicine for me, too!)

Sneha is currently working hard to complete the shooting for Simha, the Balakrishna epic that also stars Nayanthara and Namitha. There are high expectations for the film, which is due for release in April.

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