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Our Rating

The reasons I personally wanted to see Saadiyan:

• Rishi Kapoor, Rekha and Hema Malini; need I say more

• Luv Sinha’s debut; yet another star son making his mark in Bollywood

• Raj Kanwar; the director of films such as Jeet and Andaaz is back after a hiatus of four years

With the first of my reasons making up a chunk of the pie chart for my interest in the film, I realized while the youngins may be more popular, it’s still the veteran stars who own more talent and credibility than they may ever own. Saadiyan is the story of two mothers and a son who finds himself caught between the both of them while he falls in love. The film also talks about troubling issues that exist and continue to subsist between Pakistan and India. A simple story with a great moral, Sadiyaan promised to touch your heart. Will you shed a tear or simply walk away untouched? Read on to find out.

Amrit Kaur (Rekha) and husband Rajveer (Rishi Kapoor) find themselves fleeing their home in Lahore during the partition after losing their baby son. In their new house in Punjab, the couple find an abandoned Muslim child which they end up adopting. Their son Ishaan (Luv Sinha) grows up under the shadow of his doting mother Amrit believing he is Hindu. On a trip to Kashmir, Ishaan falls in love with Chandni (Ferena Wazeir) a Muslim girl whose parents eventually find out about the love relationship and blatantly refuse to give their blessing. It is then that the adoptive parents come clean and find the real parents of Ishaan. Benazir (Hema Malini) and her husband come back to India ready to marry off their son and take him and their new daughter-in-law home. Ishaan finds himself in a distraught situation choosing between his land, love and home.

I felt as though I was transported back in time with Sadiyaan, no pun intended. And this was the best part. The film is simple and heartwarming. Every emotion has been depicted by Raj Kanwar so sensitively and carefully, that I almost guarantee you will shed at least one tear at some point in the film. The story does have holes – gaping ones, but even then because the film is plain mushy, you can’t help but smile and feel a slight pain in your heart. Raj Kanwar does well after his slight break.

The film belongs to the veterans who are simply amazing. The scenes between them alone make you want to finish the film. Rekha and Rishi are incredible as a couple and share immense chemistry – yes, even at this age! Hema Malini is gorgeous and incredibly refined. Together the trio hold the film, weaknesses et al, and command the scenes. They are and will remain stars for the right reason, they don’t try at all. Talk about serious screen presence. Luv Sinha is a dud. The boy can’t act, dance or perform on any level. For starters, he needs more than a course in acting. Secondly, you would think the actor would have thought of looking for a gym trainer especially in this day and age where a hot physique is a requirement in Hindi films. And lastly, he lacks oomph. Ferena is simply okay; nothing too impressive here.

If you’re a sucker for periods films, i.e. moi, then Sadiyaan is a film that will attack your emotions and how. If you’re a huge Rishi Kapoor, Rekha or Hema Malini fan, here’s another reason to watch Sadiyaan. And lastly, if you’re in the mood for some motherly drama, Sadiyaan is yet another motive to catch the film.
On the hold, a good sensitive watch!

Our Rating

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