Saif Ali Khan and Riteish Deshmukh play a prank on Tammanah!!

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Saif Ali Khan-Ram Kapoor-Riteish Deshmukh (1)The ‘buttering up’ sequence that viewers will get to see in Sajid Khan’s family comedy entertainer Humshakals, also turned out to be one of the most hilarious moments for the crew during the entire shooting schedule. Setting up this scene brought out the hidden pranksters in Saif and Riteish. After Sajid gave his okay to the butter sequence with Ram Kapoor, Saif and Riteish in connivance with each other decided that they will simply not allow Ram Kapoor to remove the sticky, greasy butter from his face. To add to the fun, the duo instructed the film crew to hide soaps and face washes from the wash room. Poor Ram Kapoor had no option but to saunter away on the sets and helplessly watch Saif and Riteish finish their scenes for the day. It was only after they saw a hassled Ram Kapoor that they decided to hand him over soap to him. But not before they immediately moved to another prank and this time the target was Tammanah.

Saif and Riteish, this time applied the butter from Ram’s face on a slice of toast that was part of the early breakfast sequence which involved Saif, Riteish and Ram Kapoor. Initially, Sajid was apprehensive of the idea and discouraged Saif and Riteish from doing this. But the stubbornness of the hidden pranksters prevailed upon his reservations. Tammanah, who was waiting in her vanity van, decked up for the shoot, was immediately summoned on the sets by Sajid. She was instructed by Sajid of the shoot sequence which involved Riteish offering her a butter toast and then she finally eating it. Tammanah who was all set for the shoot was taken aback for a moment and immediately informed that this was not part of the shoot sequence. Sajid’s crew then informed her that the scene was written impromptu and the initial parts of the sequence were to be shot tomorrow.

With few rehearsals when Sajid finally sounded action, Riteish delivered his fictitious dialogue and then proceeded to offer Tammanah the buttered toast, the moment she was about to have a bite of the toast Sajid immediately sounded cut and ran towards her and took the toast away.

Flabbergasted at this strange behaviour she was astonished for a while, it was then Saif who came forwarded and informed her of the entire prank. For a moment Tammanah could not believe what was happening on the sets but when things finally dawned upon her she was simply unable to control her laughter.

“Sajid, Saif, Riteish and Ram ensured that every day of shooting was hilarious off screen too! We ladies had to watch out for pranks all the time! Humshakals has been an incredible film to make,” recalls Tamannah.

“From day one of shooting, our effort was to keep the environment of the set in tune with the mood of the film and thankfully everyone was a sport and took to the pranks in right spirit. Whenever me and Tammanah talk about this event, the laughter is simply uncontrollable”, Says Sajid.

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